Roon 1.5 translations missing [coming soon]

Good job Roon team for the upgrade.
Nevertheless : has the localization project been abandoned :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ? The new features appear only in English, as you can see below. The mix of French and English makes the screens awkward. Our volunteering translation team had translated the whole translation database but since 1.4 there are more and more places where info appear only in English, and it seems that some clean up we did some weeks ago was not taken into consideration.

my guess is that the release of this new feature while keeping it under wraps is as issue for the translation guys to work on things on a need to know basis so they did not know the forthcoming MQA features would be there thus not yet translated…give them time to come up to speed

Fair enough, but MQA relevant material has been put in the translation database months ago by the developper, translated by me and others, still 1.5 is only in English for MQA features.

I added the majority of translations to the database today. @wizardofoz is exactly right about the reason why.

Thank you Danny. I am confused that there seems to be a lot of “old” entries that need to be translated once again.