Roon 1.7 (Build 536) Auto Sleep feature not working properly


With latest build of Roon, auto sleep feature works ok when I set sleep to 30 sec, 5 min, 3h etc. But I can not revert to “Never”. When I try to set “Never” and click Save, setting is not preserved and last setting is applied, eg “3 hours”.

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Confirmed here

What device is having the issue. With my Squeezebox devices I can set it back to Never.

It seems to be a user interface issue, the same as here: DEVICE SETUP - Buffer Size. Something is wrong in the code in the control area of the events generated by the pull-downs and of the on-change events of the values in the field.

I have the issue with Devialet D200 as well as HQPlayer zone (also considering that AutoSleep should not be available in HQPlayer zones). Changing remote does not help, I have tried MacOS, Windows, and iOS. Core is ROCK.

NB: I can set back to Never and save, but when I reopen the settings it has not been considered, I am back to the previous setting.

Hello, no problem to go back and forth with the auto-sleep setup with a dCS Vivaldi Upsampler.

I’m also using HQPlayer zone, maybe that’s a source of problems?

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