Roon 1.7 Feedback Thread

Yes I know. But someone was suggesting to delete albums we don’t like to train the machine. That would be actual work on the consumer part.
Just playing the music I like is fine :wink:

Edit: you did, actually :wink:

I only see Celene Dion if I have sorted by newest for the recommendations. She disappears if I choose sorted by relevance.

Does not the same happen for you?

In real estate, the three most important things are Location, Location and Location. For a music player, it is Sound Quality, Sound Quality and Sound Quality. I read all of the comments and I believe only one post addressed this issue. The post stated the sound did not sound worse than the prior version.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the new version and I am hoping the transparency has increased.

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Well done guys, next up mobile app for on the GO.

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Is it just me, or are Qobuz new releases now showing up in roon on the same day as Qobuz? Seems like there was a delay of a few days before.

P.S. clicked on the update notification on my control/playback PC and it updated the core PC and the client PC just like that with no drama. Very nice how that works.

Er no. I pointed out that if people got fed up seeing non-relevant albums in the NRFY, they could prune their list back. Some people apparently don’t like seeing Celine Dion albums in their list for example. :wink:

Nothing to do with training the machine - and in fact Brian pointed out a few posts into the thread that pruning the list has no effect whatsoever on training the machine.

I see now that my opening sentence could be read that way. It wasn’t my intention - so I’ll edit the post to rephrase it and make it explicit that no machine training is done by pruning.

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Now I’m feeling a bit sorry for Celine. She is not even relevant anymore?


Update went smoothly. My ten cents from last night’s session:

  1. Sound quality is the most important thing in the world to me, and we’ve made a step forward! Sweeter, clearer top-end let me identify new details in some extremely-familiar tracks, to a degree I wouldn’t have thought possible.

  2. Valence suggestions were super-cool. I was on a midcentury jazz kick, and got recs for albums I was not familiar with, and I loved them.

  3. Search is way, way faster! I use local files, Qobuz, and Tidal.

  4. My preferences for sound quality usually rank as: Qobuz, then Tidal, then local rips. Would still like to be able to sort search results in this order, rather than current default which is the opposite.

  5. Going forward, the UI graphic design can still use a lot of rethinking.

  6. I believe that this fellow best explains the Celine Dion thing.

I’m grateful for the update! Nice work, Roon – and keep it up.


Most people hear no difference or prefer local, is your preference related to resolution?

Just wondering, no agenda.


Redbook streams from both services sound better than my local flac rips 98% of the time. As for Qobuz hi-res vs Tidal MQA, I prefer the Qobuz hi-res about 75% of the time, though I’m not an MQA hater.

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Is Roon that good?!? Wow… celine


I feel SQ of TIDAL through Roon 1.7 is better than before. And Live Radio is a good collection, I wish Radio can get similar SQ enhancement of streaming service in the future.

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I’ve been critical of the over engineering (in my view) in the past over stability and basic functionaility, but credit where credit is due, this appears a cool release, thank you :slight_smile:


That’s Roon’s motto: “Whatever they can do with one click, we can do with three!” :wink:


I do think there’s a boost in sound quality as well.

Is it possible to improve sound quality? Is it not just a bit perfect stream being coverted by your DAC?

I will need a fresh bag of popcorn for this discussion :grinning:


In short, no. Electrical noise in you computer can come along for the ride and get into your DAC, which can mess things up. But that is a discussion for another thread. This one is for 1.7 Feedback.