Roon 1.7 Feedback Thread

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go to Appstore and update the app on the ipad

I don’t know what has changed exactly but for the very first time in 4 years my android devices seem to work. Fingers crossed for how long.

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It’s a whole new Android build so it should be better.

Congrats on the new update. I bet the underlying changes are solidifying Roon as a platform and the decision to focus on them was carefully weighed. I gotta say I would have loved to see some advancement in remote access to my Roon core though.

Regarding the many complaints about font rendering. It seems like you’ve switched to some form of subpixel-antialiasing which makes light text on dark backgrounds look pretty thick. My recommendation is to switch to normal antialiasing for the dark mode. The light UI is fine and text renders well on it in my opinion. It should be a quick fix if you want to stop the avalanche of users complaining but I could be wrong :slight_smile:

Kudos on shipping this release. I’m looking forward to Roon 2.0 in 2020 :wink:


I am liking the update particularly the New Releases For You, which is great. Also, I really like the new radio features. Not so much the bold, but no real issue for me.

Good work!

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Still very poor for classical music. How do you expect me to find a particular composition in hundreds of compositions of a particular composer? Why can’t Roon allows one to filter compositions by Genre?


I hate to be “that guy”, but will Roon 1.7 integrate Amazon Music, and ic not, are there plans to? I actually prefer it to Tidal, both in sound quality and library size, and would love to see its integration.

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Hey Danny. Did you guys monkey with the SQ in the new release? I am sitting here with a big smile, because whatever you did it kicked the SQ to a completely new level: blacker background, more detail, increased definition… Yeah Roon 1.7!


I should say that my setup is ultra revealing.

SG i9 —> Ethernet —> PSAudio Bridge —-> DirectStream —> Balanced Wired World 7 —-> Accustic Arts Preamp II —> Bryston 7B ST Monos —> Maggi 3.7i & pair Rel R318

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my votes:

  • 10 lyrics from file tags.
  • 9 All tracks view. but… really a very very small advance in boxsets visualization. nothing changed on that side, for boxset edition of individual albums.
  • 9 roles rationalization. it seems that all double roles like “sax (tenor)” and “tenor sax” for the same performer have disappeared. not 100% sure about this, it’s a first impression.
  • ? has the roles list been updated?
  • 7 for multilevel work parts (like vivaldi 4 seasons). is there a counterpart on file tags to force it (WORK, PART, and …)?
  • 7 new settings page
  • 5 Discover page. it seems faster. but it has not solved the image scaling problems…
  • 4 bold wherever. so bad.
  • 4 remove tracks numbers. strange idea. immediately disabled in settings…
  • 6 Lyricist. i appreciate the second line for the lyricist. but… if the files are tagged with a COMPOSER tag that comprehend the lyricist, the system does not automatically recognize the role, so the name is present 2 times, as composer and as lyricist. besides, on the second line it would be great to have a separate Arranger role, when present.

i have to test the search engine.
radio: not interested

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We updated the Credit Roles KB page to include the latest supported Credit Roles.

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you can use the SECTION tag for it. However, I’m a bit disappointed by the feature. It is a nice help to structure track display (adding Acts for Operas etc.) But for the Vivaldi example it seems pretty useless to me apart from optics.
There seems to be no hierarchical connection.
So in the case of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons I have even more mixup in my compositions.

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It’s been said a million times already the ball is with Amazon not Roon.


Some nice improvements in terms of functionality and performance!

For me:
– Is it just me, or does Roon sound better? I’ve teed up about five albums and they sound better.
– When skipping from one track to the next, I used to have a slight lag and the track would begin playing about one or two seconds into the track. Now they play properly.

I’ll explore more but first impressions are really good. Thanks!

SQ is better for me, as well!

@danny I take it the RoonOS optimizations mentioned in the update to 1.7 where included in the last build 183 as nothings updated RoonOS wise in this release.

I’ve just looked at some operas, and they look better.
and have seen a “4 seasons” and it’s better.
but i also have some 4 seasons split in 4 compositions. so i was wandering if, with the SECTION tag (thanks!) i can force to merge them in the overall composition.
i need to experiment.
also because i have to check my library settings…

I can’t tell full of a head cold that’s effecting my hearing :frowning:

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