Roon 1.7 Feedback Thread

I’ve been sat listening to tracks I know inside out since the update and am thinking the presentation has changed in a good way, I am finding things more musical and involving with a cleaner top end with no loss of detail at all and the low end I am following things I wasn’t before.

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I agree, I thought I was imagining it but I am pretty damn sure I am not now.


For inquiring minds, Audiophile Style covers the new release and gives a link to its forum for feedback. Start here.

Agreed! I have the possibility to control my phone from my watch if there’s a music player in the notification area so it would be really great if it worked when it’s used as a remote also. Control the stereo from my watch, that’s the dream:)

At first glance pretty pics look nice. But by having predefined genre you ignore the genre that is supported in ID3 tags.

What about all the music out there who genre does not fit the predefined list?

The upper range detail has improved. The low end is further defined. Instruments are better separated. Background is blacker.

How is this even possible? I seriously don’t understand how a simple update to an already bit-perfect software/protocol can bring such an immense improvement. @danny can you weigh in or would you like this possible “SQ improvement” to remain in the could-be-maybe realm (not to discredit anyone with positive SQ reports here)?

I’m not entirely convinced yet but between the DOS2 update and Roon 1.7, my Phantom Golds never sounded better, that’s for sure.

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The release notes include the following:

Streaming Optimizations

For music playing from TIDAL and Qobuz, Roon now buffers data in a less disruptive way, and there are optimizations which reduce disk activity, CPU usage, and memory traffic. This means that streaming content starts faster and slower internet connections (or lower-powered cores) may also benefit when streaming high-resolution content.

So my guess is that if you are listening to streaming content and have a direct connection from Core to DAC then SQ might be improved by such optimisations. Local content to a network Output might not.

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Shame the new recommendations don’t seem work on the mobile app. This is disappointing.

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If you use Qobuz you might want to see this before updating to 1.7. No longer able to play hi-res files.

Edit : fixed by logging out of qobuz account and logging back in.

Actually where to locate the new zone icon?

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Yes, now that you mention it, a subdivision into genres would make looking for a particular composition by e.g. Vivaldi much easier, especially when you don’t know how Roon has named the composition at hand. I have tagged all my classical FLAC files with a composition tag (actually stored in the CUSTOM1 tag) but they are all in Dutch. So now that I have switched to Roon, all composition names are suddenly in English. It’s not that I can’t read English but I have yet to find the systematics of their composition naming. In short, breaking the problem down somewhat by subdividing into genre categories (Chamber music, Orchestral, Opera, etc) would help indeed!
Here’s a screenshot of how intimidating a list of compositions by, say, Vivaldi looks on my Roon screen:

Sorting the compostions on ‘Title’ does not improve matters as one might have thought:


But suggested local albums will show up in the Discover section still?
Makes little sense for me for Recommended for You to include albums that one already has purchased, this is surely meant as a music discovery feature for new releases

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Very excited about Live radio. For me, lack of internet radio functionality has been a major shortcoming. So glad you rolled this out. Love your product, thanks so much.

Great update, guys. Big step forward, especially glad with improved search, metadata and a better Android experience.
Keep up the good work!

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If you mean how to choose a new icon for the zone, it’s in the Zone Settings. From the list of Zones, click on the speaker icon of the zone you want to edit, then click on he gearwheel icon.

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thanks guys for the 1.7 update.
I have two little questions, maybe someone can help

i can not find the “new releases” view, have just “from this Interpret” in Album view
and since i did the upgrade this morning, i have that turning update circle in th upper right corner (for hours now)
database is up to date, but that little circle wheels himself to death :wink:
Tack analyse is off in settings

You can find “new releases” in the Overview screen.

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overview, where new albums are shown?
on bottom of that page, i find just a few genres (as before)

maybe, this function is still analysing my (big) database? (the wheel of Death in the Corner…)

Here ?

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