Roon 1.7 has memory leaks

Hi all,

Consistently over three days using Roon has become unstable There is a huge memory leak in the RARServer.exe file as it is consistently reproducible. The dev team must look at this. I tried to produce mem dump on Windows Server but log froze in crashing. The server has over 16 GB mem. Is there an issue in using network shares with Roon and running out of memory?

Please advise next steps.


You should probably give them a bit more info:

  • If it is consistenly reproducible, can you provide them with steps?
  • What does your system look like? Involved hardware + network setup?
  • What’s the memory usage and its evolution over time?

On a Linux server running Roon server I also observe what seems to amount to a memory leak. Over several days of usage, the memory used by the RoonServer process slowly but steadily increases. I usually once or twice a week preemptively restart the RoonServer, as to not run into problems. Doing so, everything works just fine.

Maybe objects (tracks, artists, recordings, ???) don’t get de-referenced on the server after loading them into memory by accessing them in the UI app… I feel that might be so, as the velocity of the memory usage increase depends upon my use of the system… playing lots of different albums, looking up cross-referenced albums or artists, adding new albums to the library, etc., makes the memory usage to increase faster than playing less albums or the same album. Letting the server sit alone without playing music doesn’t affect the memory usage. Those are my subjective and non-systematic observations.

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Hi @Jeff_Alstadt,

Can you please provide some more information regarding your setup?

What are you doing in Roon right before this issue occurs?
Are you importing new albums?

Hi Noris,

Actually I am not importing anything. The memory leak usually happens after the server has been running for over 24 -48 hours. I usually have to restart the app. This morning the app was consuming 97% of the memory. I will try to get more logs. This is happening on Windows 2019 with network shares to my NAS. Squeezebox is running as well. CORE connects to Sonos, Airplay, Chromecast, and Squeezebox devices. Sonos is S1 controller. All Firmware on all devices is up to date. Windows firewall has been allowed for Roon and Squeezebox ports.

Are network share problematic for Roon?



I did some more investigation after looking into this and I think the roon deep harmony extension is to blame.

The node app roon-extension-deep-harmony after each scan was injecting more memory into Roon’s heap.
I am not sure why Roon service allows this to occur with Extensions but it is probably something Roon should take a better look at as this node app was injecting memory. Has anyone else had this issue with this extension? I was using this to get images to show on my Logitech Harmony remotes.

There is definitely a memory leak. When I was running Roon on a NAS, I had to reboot every other day. Now I am running it on ROCK and I have to reboot every two weeks or so when I use it intensely. It just keeps getting slower and slower and only is back to full speed after a reboot.

This needs fixing, just like a ton of other bugs.

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Hi @Jeff_Alstadt,

How many network shares do you have active? If you have more than 5-10 active, maybe but I doubt this without seeing logs.

Can you try to access your Roon logs by using these instructions and upload a set?

I’m also tagging the deep harmony creator @Adam_Goodfellow - Adam, are you aware of similar reports?

@Jeff_Alstadt - Is the behavior the same with Deep Harmony temporarily disabled?

Stability has greatly improved after disabling the harmony extension.

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