Roon 1.7: the fonts are too bold

Bold font is easier to see, but its not pleasant to look at when everything is bold.

Thick white borders aren’t pleasant to look at either.

Creating links to internet radio stations = constant upkeep as links die and change…bad choice for long term support.


We are looking into this…

We were using synthetic font bolding before, and now we are using a proper semibold font in it’s place. It actually looks a lot better if you have the PPI to support really nice smoothing (retina screen or equivalent).

However, some of the techniques we’re using to hint text for lower density displays is overly strong.

I have this problem on my 4k 38" screen but not my 4k 15" screen.

We are tuning it now, and have gotten much better results, but this needs to be tested across more monitors before we can release.

We hear you and we are on it.

Edit: Help us improve fonts by giving us the info requested below


This is pretty much my first impression as well. I hate to be so negative but wow. 1 year of waiting and the most noticeable feature is bolded text everywhere?! My god.


It’s a fine update, thank you!

Very happy with the new Releases for You, found some gems already.

Less happy with the bold typography almost everywhere.


But what is it with this BOLD FONT everywhere. Thats quite a big step backwards in readability imho.


Do you know why books and magazines are not published in all-bold text? Because it’s harder to read. Duh.

Are there no graphic designers on the UI team?


I agree with the others with regard to the font. Bold is not intended to be used everywhere, just where you want to emphasize something.

As is, the excessive use of bold makes text more difficult to read. Given the uniform agreement on this, please re-evaluate.


I woke up to use Roon this morning, as I always do, and I am completely befuddled as to the decision to bold everything.

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Fair enough. The irony is still quite delicious though. Godspeed.

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Gotta agree on the font - the BOLD has got to go!!!


It might be a user issue but where on earth can I find all these new bold fonts? I’m using roon on a PC running Win10 for everything and when listing to music use an iphone as endpoint. I didn’t notice any change in fonts on either and am starting to feel funny about not seeing what everyone else seems to see…

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I guess I’m just not seeing the bold font issue. I see several points sizes and some are bold and some are not, to my eyes. It appears to be the same as 1.6 though I must say I never really took note of fonts. They appear crisp and clean to my eye. What are you seeing?

On MacOS 10.14.6 remote

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What’s with all the talk of bold font in this thread, if I may be so bold?

Some have seen bold fonts and panicked.

I’m also curious if multiple font weights are being used, versus just regular, italic and strong text.

If there are multiple weights—like Light, Regular, Book, Medium, Bold, Heavy—then this will need to be a more nuanced discussion to account for where and how those different weights are being used. If it’s simpler than that, and the app only uses regular and bold text, then using a wider range of weights could be a significant improvement.

Aliasing methods may also be involved in how different users view v1.7 on different devices.

I wonder if those who feel that Roon got too bold could add a few more data points: like what devices (mobile or desktop) and what screen resolutions (regular or HiDPi/Retina) are used?

While Roon looks different I’m not sure that it looks wrong. Also, the transition to the new UI is still on the way, I suppose. So probably release by release things will look better and better - or more coherent.

I like the bold text actually…

Please see the top of this topic – not everyone’s monitor is seeing the bad, and we are taking steps to fix this.


It looks fine on my 13" MacBook Pro Retina display if you are gauging which display types / sizes need fine tuning.

For everyone complaining about bold text in 1.7 – we’re already iterating on the treatment and we want to make sure we understand exactly who is feeling this on which displays.


It would help us if everyone could let us know:

  • What monitor and OS you’re experiencing this issue on? (model, physical size, resolution)
  • What display scaling settings your monitor is set to? (see below)
  • Where specifically in the app you’re finding the text to be overly bold?
  • Are you using any any color calibration settings?

Display Scaling Settings:

To get your display scaling settings:


Go to Display Settings and let us know this number:



Hover over the letting and let us know the “looks like” setting and the native resolution of your screen.