Roon 1.8 (790) No System Audio Options on Windows 10

Core Machine

• QNAP TS-451+ NAS
• Firmware version
• Celeron J1900
• 4 - 4TB drives in RAID 5
• Core DB is on External SSD USB 3.0
• Roon Server Version 1.8 (790) stable

Client Machines

Microsoft Surface 7 Pro Set up - Device plays audio with no issues
• Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.928 x64
• Roon Version 1.8 (790)
• Realtek Onboard audio connected WASAPI and named “Surface”
• Connected via Wifi

Android Set up - Device plays audio with no issues
• Samsung Note 20Ultra
• April 1 Security/Firmware
• Roon Version 1.8 (790)
• Onboard audio
• Connected via Wifi
• Can see and select “This device” in Settings>Audio". When selecting Audio, sees the “Surface”

PC Set up - No Selection for “This PC” in Settings>Audio"
• Windows 10Pro 20H2 19042.928 x64
• Ryzen 3700x
• 32GB DDR4 3200
• Roon Version 1.8 (790)
• Core Was originally on this machine
• Onboard audio ALC1220-VB
• Uninstalled Roon and settings
• Reinstalled and is connects to Core
• When the MS Surface is on, the PC sees the Surface audio and will play audio through it
• PC is connect via CAT5 through 1 unmanaged (Dumb) switch
• Connected to network via Wi-Fi, and no change

Network Details

Xfinity TG3482G Modem has 2 ethernet jacks on the back
1st port is connected to unmanaged Netgear GS-305 Switch
2nd port is connected to unmanaged Linksys SE2800 Switch
PC is connected via CAT5e to Netgear GS-305 Switch
Core in QNAP TS-451+ NAS is connected via CAT5e to Linksys SE2800 Switch

Surface and Android device are connected to the Xfinity TG3482G Modem via Wi-Fi
The Windows 10 PC was disconnected from the CAT5e and connected to the Xfinity TG3482G Modem via Wi-Fi

Audio Devices

I’m using the PC onboard audio and is connected to Kanto YU6 via optical from the motherboard. No amp/DAC is between

Description of Issue

When I had Core installed on the Windows 10 PC it operated just fine, no issues at all. I installed the Core on to my QNAP NAS so I could connect multiple devices to the core and play music through any of them. I am able to connect my Android phone and my Surface Laptop to the NAS Core and select my audio devices. I can see all of the music on the Core, but the PC doesn’t give me an option for “This PC” in “Settings>Audio”. The 1st option I have is “Connected to Core” (the NAS audio), and it sees my Surface and the other devices on my network that I could send audio to, Google Home, a couple of TV’s etc).
I’ve uninstalled Roon and removed settings from the PC, disconnected the CAT5e cable for the PC and connected to the network via wi-fi and nothing has brought the audio selections back for the PC to play Audio

Can you post a screen pic of the Settings / Audio? Also, try turning off all firewall and antivirus as a test and see if your system audio options show up.

Thanks for your reply Daniel, of ALL the things I did, I didn’t check my firewall :neutral_face:
I disabled my ESET firewall and surprise, surprise I have audio and can play music… That is so simple and is posted everywhere :crazy_face:
I’ll search for the settings that I need to make to my firewall.
Thanks again for responding!

Here are the setting instructions from ESET for anyone who may need it:

"You can create new Firewall rules for applications before they are detected by ESET Internet Security in the Firewall setup, open the main program window > Setup > Network Protection > Firewall > Configure… (after clicking gear wheel) > Advanced > Rules > Edit.

In the General tab, enter the name, direction and communication protocol for the rule. This window allows you to define the action to be taken when the rule is applied."

I used the Remote tab and entered the IP Address of my NAS, hit save. Closed ESET and Roon opened Roon again and voila, I have audio!

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Glad it worked. Enjoy the music!

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