Roon 1.8 arrives on February 9th

There’s a light mode?


1.8 has light mode and dark mode, just like previous versions of Roon.


There is work to be done on sorting excerpts from complete works in classical - if it doesn’t come in 1.8 there are future releases… Rome wasnt built in a day.

So based on the e-mail from today, it looks like they’re just going more in depth with each of the features listed already on the “Introducing Roon 1.8” page, correct? No other “additional” features to what we’ve seen (not complaining just clarifying).

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This has been sorted out in 1.8, as @brian has confirmed on another thread.


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The emails and marketing materials are a good overview, but they certainly do not capture every last thing that went into this release.


Ooh excellent. I don’t stream, just do local playback - but I’m wondering how Qobuz + Roon would stack up experience-and-discovery-wise against something like Primephonic.

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Dark mode will be available. See earlier replies in this thread.

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I think you’ve mistaken me for someone who likes snark.

Thanks Joel,
I appreciate your letting me know I don’t need to be concerned.

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I’m really hoping there’s a lot more to discover than the PR that’s been released. A few “easter eggs” would be welcome too.

Got my second email…

What a Beautiful new interface but still notice buttons on elements where I hoped for navigation using swiping gestures …

On the iPhone there does seem to be a 3rd cover visible and no buttons in sight…swiping?

I am looking forward to this. I think the UI changes look fantastic. “Focus everywhere” looks awesome - it’s basically exactly how I want to use Roon.

The maybe super exciting thing: does Focus work on Tidal / Qobuz albums that aren’t in our libraries? If so, I don’t know how people aren’t talking about this more?!?! It seems like it might be the case. And if so, HELL YEAH that’s what I’ve been wanting for so long. And with the improved Focus interface, all the better. The fact that it’s not getting a ton of buzz makes me think maybe I misinterpreted their announcement page.


Since I don’t frequent here much anymore - but have used Roon for years and it still runs my household system - I try and make any contribution positive.

That said while I firmly felt the UI needed a big unifying overhaul, my initial reaction to the 1.8 email I received was ‘purple, ugly’. Will have to reserve judgement until I’ve seen it in the flesh, but I don’t think I would have purchased it first time round with that look and I won’t be rushing to update.

Here’s to hoping the update button (the one that forces you into an irreversible update if anyone in your family presses it on the remote) might be removed…


Yes it does, and I am very much looking forward to it.


I assumed this was the case. Now you have me questioning…

You can also swipe on those rows.