Roon 1.8 b. 882 - Home page is generated very slowly

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini m1, 16GB RAM
macOS Monterey 12.1

Remote: MacBook Air, 16GB RAM, 12.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Home page generates very slowly, especially the sections below New releases for you. It takes over 2min. The 880 version was ok.

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It is indeed so - I confirm.

Yes, it’s the same here.

Same. And no daily mix today.


Same here with version 882. No daily mixes.


Same here. 882.

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Mine still hasn’t loaded. Started last night when the update was installed. Rebooting everything to see if that resolves.

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Same here. Very slow and Daily Mix fails to load.

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UGGHHH! Many tracks “unavailable” that played fine yesterday. Loaded the update, rebooted. What is going on?

Agreed - was very happy with 880. It was fast and had no issues. Same core as you, imac as remote.


Rebooting was a mistake. Roon is loading incredibly slowly. Guess I’ll be spinning records instead.

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Ok, rebooted a second time and it’s corrected the unavailable track issue. Still exploring the update.

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882 stable and home page takes forever to fully render. New Releases section pauses but loads, the section after that (Recent Listening) takes quite a while to come up. I assume there is some database update process running or some database query that is not optimized. Once that loads the rest of the page comes up fine. This is consistent on a two different Mac laptops and has been easy to repro so far. Maybe it will stabilize after some time if it is a database process running.

I don’t think it has something to do with the new build.
Roon servers seems to work on its limits and on days with a lot of users, like weekends and especially weekends after a new relase, they can’t handle the load. You can see this since a few months.

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Same here.

Can confirm… the squid is very active today. Local stuff and history plenty speedy. It’s only when going to cloud to build / fetch there is delay. Even Discography → Latest.

Plenty to listen to without these features… will try again later today. Not entirely uncommon for Roon cloud to get sluggish so maybe not related to new build just a bunch of people updating causing higher load on systems. Happy listening.

Hi All,
Still a bit slow, but Daily Mixes finally loaded up for me.

I can confirm - it works now.

My experience has been a little different.
After updating my devices (three NUC PCs as Media players, one hooked up to Meridian 818v3) and various iOS devices, I rebooted my network and devices.

Subjectively, Roon appears to load and perform functions faster, or at least as fast as pre-update.

My core is on a Roon NucleusPlus.

The network is a LinkSys Mesh 6e with the nodes connected to a common unmanaged switch via CAT 6.

I wonder if a pattern will emerge of particular configs, components, or topologies exhibiting this slow behavior, or whether the other shoe is about to drop at our house.

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I’m back to normal functioning now.