Roon 1.8 (Build 1105) Sound Quality - WOW

Walking in sp finds it but have to click in the found albums

yeah that’s nutso. I seem to get results both ways. Just typing it in, it spins for a sec, does its predictive thinking, then the results appear.

If I hit “enter” it goes to a separate search results page, also with results.

Maybe the next build will lift the search veil for everyone.

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I’m unfamiliar with or just don’t remember that thread. I will give it a read through since it looks good and very much to point I was trying to make. Thanks!

MANY years ago I was asked to do a medical examination for a chap who was incidentally a leading HiFi journalist. His articles for one of the major audiophile magazines of the day were full of the usual guff about quality of sound/reproduction. In particular he was a great advocate of spending on top-quality wires. As a believer back then I looked forward to meeting him for a chat after his medical. Half way through the meeting a colleague knocked my door and handed me his audiometry printout. When I observed that he was virtually deaf (his high tone hearing was shot) he suddenly came over all serious and sternly emphasised the confidentiality of our interaction.


Is he still alive and still lying?

I’m pretty sure I know who it is. :laughing:

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Tell me, how did you manage to narrow it down with so many choices out there?

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Because one can pick just about any subjectivist reviewer and have a decent chance of being right.

The good doctor’s anecdote just confirmed what many of us had already realized.

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HiFi journalists have a good imagination, not good hearing.

and dont’ forget their vocabulary and the ability to cut and paste a lot :rofl:

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They also have unbelievably fantastic memories with the ability to compare the sound a component heard months, if not years, ago to the sound of the current component under review. This uncanny memory allows them to forgo direct side by side comparisons and thereby makes component reviews much, much easier. The term “Golden Ears” should be changed to “God Like Ears”. Truly amazing!! :grin:


When Mitch Barnett did my Room Correction filters, I learned that our acoustical memory lasts only in the seconds range. I used Mitch’s Hang Loose Convolver, which allows switching between different filters or setups with a mouse click, keeping the same volume.
For me, it is impossible to do sound comparisons which include switches, cables, streamers etc…
It is simply impossible. The time needed to switch, plus other difficulties, are too long. You “forget” what you heard.


The Mrs. was listening from in the kitchen and hollered out “Hey did you get a new stereo? How much did you spend this time? We need to talk!”


And all you did was change the power cord on the preamp. :rofl:

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I can see some throttling of this thread…next thing roon will be upping the price as audio sounds better.


I would be seriously worried if this were in fact true. To get an improvement suggests that prior to the improvement a digital process was colouring or distorting the audio before the improvement was made, which absolutely should not happen.

Yes, that’s why (in part) that people get the joke with this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

OTOH, there are manufacturers who crow that their “new, improved” devices result in improved sound over the old versions.

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Of course they do. How could they possibly persuade existing and new users to buy the new stuff if they didn’t claim that? The is most amusing when reading the reviews. The reviewer has to admit how bad the last version was to claim how much better the new stuff is in certain areas, despite not mentioning these issues when they reviewed the old stuff. ‘…The veil we never mentioned before has now been lifted and that wobbly bass we completely overlooked is now firm etc etc…’

Don’t forget to mention improved PRaT :crazy_face:

Sometimes with code optimization the sound does change. The harder the server works the more chances for noise to enter your system. This will vary by the equipment used in your server and it’s operating system. Even roon admitted this on one of their builds where they said the sound had been optimized with path optimization. The bits still remain the same but the processing noise changes. imho, ymmv etc etc