Roon 1.8 (Build 1105) Sound Quality - WOW

Sometimes with code optimization the sound does change. The harder the server works the more chances for noise to enter your system. This will vary by the equipment used in your server and it’s operating system. Even roon admitted this on one of their builds where they said the sound had been optimized with path optimization. The bits still remain the same but the processing noise changes. imho, ymmv etc etc

That’s not true, and I don’t think Roon has ever made such claims.

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One example:

Two claims. Improved sound quality and lower CPU utilisation. No mention regarding the latter affecting the former, so no justification for your claim that …


In that case, the change in SQ is due to the way DSP changes the bits, not to how much CPU is used. Usually, the more CPU DSP is using, the better the SQ that can be obtained (e.g. by using more filter taps).


I guess that is my opinion then and I did apply the disclaimers. Prog On

Not to pile on, but the above statement is a pernicious myth. That a server working hard (whatever that means) can introduce noise that rises to an audible level is one of those subjectivist claims that are only useful in selling things like the Taika Extreme.

Your conflation of the two changes in Build 94 has already been addressed.

I have updated my streamers Software/ Firmware at the same time as Roon1.8 so I don’t know where the SQ improvement came from but yes using Qobuz the SQ did seem to improve although I can’t quite determine the source of the improvement. The app side does seem to crash and glitch less often. The buffering delay is less as well. I do not see how these would impact frequency response and dynamics but if you are happy with whatever changes happened to your audio chain I am happy for you.

A positive sentiment, but you should have read deeper into the thread than just the title. :slightly_smiling_face:

This thread was meant as joke whereas this thread is completely serious. I kid you not. Gotta love them audiophiles!

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Ha ha @Jazzfan_NJ you have lost control of your joke :rofl:

People are too lazy to read from the beginning, though with some of these threads I fully understand why, they get really long