Roon 1.1 (Build 99) is live!

Hey everyone! Build 99 is now live!

Like Build 94, this is a maintenance release with lots of bug fixes and performance improvements. We’ve resolved a few troublesome issues related to TIDAL syncing, iTunes import, Focus, and our HQPlayer integration.

Our DSD to PCM conversion has also been upgraded to improve sound quality and use a little less CPU, too. Those of you with outputs (and content) that require this conversion should let us know how it’s going!

We’ve also fixed a number of graphical “polish” issues, and exposed better stream format information for RoonReady devices that have front-panel displays.

We’re getting these fixes out the door now, not just so affected members aren’t kept waiting, but also because work on our Linux build and RoonSpeakers (or whatever it’s called :smile:) have now moved into into high gear, and once that work is fully integrated into our main code, a good deal more testing will be required before it can ship.

We’ve also just made some changes to our cloud metadata service to address some artist equivalence issues. I’ve detailed those changes, and the ongoing work associated with them, here.

We have so much exciting work in progress now, so keep the feedback, feature requests, and metadata corrections coming. Thanks everyone!

The Team at Roon Labs

Roon v1.1 (Build 99) Release Notes

Bug Fixes and Improvements

A number of bugs reported by members have been addressed, including:

  • New DSD->PCM processing that uses less CPU and improves sound quality
  • HQPlayer stability improvements
  • Signal chain displays information for multiple zones
  • Expose stream format information to RoonReady devices with front-panel displays
  • Fix for a TIDAL syncing crash on windows
  • Fix for TIDAL syncing never finishing with some libraries
  • Fix for a DSD analysis crash on windows
  • Better error message when an error occurs when saving changes to a playlist
  • Safer XML parsing in iTunes storage
  • Fixed “unavailable zone” text
  • Fixed treatment of “view all” links on artist details
  • Fixed overlap issue with zone transfer dropdown
  • Fixed alignment of changelog links
  • Fixed play button sensitivity on the command bar for genres
  • Fixed display of HQPlayer volume range/capabilities
  • Resolved a crash when loading Focus on OSX
  • Fixed a display bug on Work details
  • Fixed a bug in 48k->44.1 downsampling path (only used for AirPlay) that was causing a minor quality degradation
  • Misc UI bugfixes

Thanks everyone!

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Note: Tablet versions of Roon have been submitted to the Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Build 99 will be live for supported Android tablets and iPads as soon as their respective approval processes complete.