Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

The release notes mention:

  • Fixed centering of images in Image viewer

If I look at some of my pictures, then: NO. They are still way off center / off-frame.

Any ideas?

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-23 um 15.45.52

All I see is: Nothing has been fixed here.


You are not alone.


Try it with just your personal tags.

If you haven’t already, add your voice on this topic (vote on OP/comment):


I took that to refer to the artwork for an album in your local files.

??? That would only be a fraction of a solution. Not worthy of mention. The problem is on Artist Pictures, Composer pictures, its everywhere. And I used that Melnikov Pic as an example for the bug report and got told its being looked at…

just updated that original Bug report here:

That is indeed what I’m getting at. The 1.8 update moved from “OR” to “AND” which was something I’ve wanted since moving to Roon. But this messed things up for anyone that had bookmarks set up using “OR” logic. Now we’ve moved back to “OR” thus making me a sad panda…I feel like having both options is ideal.

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Hi Jason_Henri

You are absolutely right.
Did not read your topic attentive enough till the end.


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I don’t understand how a software developer feels the ability to just change things up, seemingly almost at random. Yes it’s their product, but if I bought a car that drove only where it wanted, and sometimes had brakes, sometimes had steering, sometimes had windshield wipers, other times not, I’d be taking that car back!


Look at these two screen shots… The selection criteria seem to look the same, right? But the results they give are very different…

In the first case, both criteria are tags - one for albums by the label ‘BIS’ and the second for albums with ‘String Quartet’. Both tags combined are interpreted as a logical ‘OR’… show me all albums tagged as ‘BIS’ OR albums tagged as ‘String Quartet’. I can see no option to combine two or more tags as a logical AND.

In the second case, the label ‘BIS’ has been selected using Focus. Now, adding the tag ‘String Quartet’, the combination is interpreted as logical AND.

This inconsistency in behavior while visually giving no clue at all doesn’t seem right to me.


Yes, I’m well aware of the issues with how artist’s images are displayed in Roon.

I’m simply making the point the entry in the release notes you quoted is refering to a completely different, and seperate issue.

ok, in that case this artist/composer picture centering issue is still open / unfixed.

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I wish they could get some basic functionality right, and roll back much of the Valence ‘Most Popular In Their Prime Who Served Tea To Once and Born In The Same Town If You Liked This But Similar New Release Already In Your Library’ nonsense.


Yep, all that Valance cr@p still clutters the screen… We need a kill switch for that. I also get the same meaningless and entirely static radio stations listed on Home page and Genres I never listen to.


Yep, I had just updated my list, and it reflects that this issue is still open:

Personally, I had expected a longer timeframe for the issue to be resolved.

And to explain for anyone else, I took the issue in the release notes to refer to Roon’s (Album page) viewer for the additional images you may have in your local Album folders - scans of CD artwork/inlays etc…:

All in all, a bit disappointed about 778. Lots of “half fixes” they touched on but didnt really bring to a conclusion. Pity.

Could you (or anyone else posting about this issue) make a new topic in support?

This issue won’t get the visibility it deserves (from Roon and other users) buried in a feedback topic.

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I will, thanks!


18 posts were merged into an existing topic: New Bug in 1.8 - 778: Artist Appearances no longer show on artist page and discography

Has the iPad update even been released? If not, how do you know whether this problem has or had not been resolved? It’s not in my Apple Store.

Updated versions of Roon for Android and iOS have been submitted to their respective App Stores and will be available soon. There is no update for Roon Bridge at this time.

Edit: iOS update just landed and it looks like the white screen issue has been fixed for me, at least after a few minutes of testing. Time tell, but the behaviour has definitely changed on my iPad.