Roon 1.8 (Build 831) Feedback

Mine always looked like this, with no file path immediately visible:

Cool, thanks for confirming, Kevin!

Ah yes, indeed, you had to go to the three dots to find the path! Thanks for the reminder:-)

I don’t get the lock screen control on wither of my iOS remotes :slight_smile:

I’m on android.

You have notifications enabled for roon?

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And you enabled Lock Screen Controls in Roon Settings - Setup ?


That’s what I had not done. Cheerio :beers:

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It was the same for me! The instruction "go to your Settings in Roon Remote and enable ‘Lock Screen Controls’ made me think it was an iOS or iPadOS setting, which I could not find.

For anyone who is also confused: it concerns the settings inside the Roon app on the device used as remote.

Great addtition, BTW!


Same. I got them confused and thought it had to be enabled in iOS :joy: I have the dumb and cannot brain.

Maybe now’s a good time to mention that the Create Playlist buttons are colored or labeled in reverse when comparing iPad to the Windows app. When deleting a playlist, the default option should probably indeed be “Cancel” but when creating a playlist, I’d expect the default option to be “Create”.

This mixup was also the case in the previous build and perhaps even from the start of 1.8.




I think it’s not being dumb but just overthinking it! :wink:

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Yay, thank you so much Roon team for the mobile lock screen/pull down controls!


great! Thank you ! btw, whats about splitscreen for iPad OS ? thx

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There is no bridge update as per the release page

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What percentage of Roon users use their android or iOS as endpoints? I very rarely do but I do use my iOS device to control my endpoint. Is there a way to allow control from the lock screen this way? That would be awesome!
Mark M

That’s what this release does.


I use iOS as an endpoint on a regular basis. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Suggest you actually go back and read the release notes. Or reread them as the case may be.

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This is great! Many thanks to Roon to make it happen.
Btw, the max sample rates in DSP is still not updated for the Linn Klimax DSM/3, they are still at 192/24 and DSD 218 as the previous release.

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