Roon 1.8 (Build 846) Feedback - Linux Performance Improvements

For me (QNAP TS-670 Pro with i7 and 16 GB Ram) after the update Roon takes at first more Ram (3,3 GB) than before, but today it decreased to 2,4 GB, what it has never done before.
I can’t say, that the response is now really faster, but the processing speed while upsampling to DSD512 stays now on 1.9x (before 1.7x).

As reported during the beta period, I’m unable to connect to the core after update, this time though I can see .NET crashes in the logs

Very snappy on an (old) sonictransporter i5, feels like new.

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I am using RoonServer in this Docker Image:

I my library are about 2600 albums. The Roon GUI feels much better than before and provides the speed I have always expected.

Great update. Thanks!


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Successfully updated for AudioLinux OS.
Thank you, Roon team!

Running Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS. Upgrade was completed successfully.

Qnap TVS 471 16 GB Ram. Update was flawless and things seem snappier now. Well done…

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Upgrade went fine on QNAP TVS-673.

RAM Utilisation is ENORMOUS though. 28GB memory used. 60% is virtual but even so, that’s crazy.

@crieke is this something you’ve seen elsewhere on the QNAP?

23500 23452 admin S 28426m 58.3 8 0.2 {RoonAppliance}

@Andreas_Philipp1, you are absolutely right. After a couple of hours the memory usage (on Synology DiskStation DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2, running Roon package from @crieke) is much lower and even 10-20% lower than before the update. And what’s more: the amount of used memory goes up and down a little and seems not anymore to increase over time.

@kevin, @support, RoonLabs did a great job. Thanks!
Also thanks to @crieke because his package (for Synology DSM6) runs also great after this Roon update.


I am on a sT i7 and I did not really notice any performance improvements. Where is your library stored and how is it connected to the sT? Perhaps my bottlenecks lie there or on my network.

What specifically felt faster for you?

Sorry to hear.
My library is on internal 4tb hdd, connected by internet cable to router.

Navigation, loading of next song, qobuz and tidal, cpu load down, i’ve had many slowdown’s in the past as library grew, not now.

Great to hear that! My library is on a NAS – perhaps it is time to try shifting it to an internal SSD. Perhaps the latency of the NAS (or the slowness of my internet) are too much for the speed improvements to become apparent. Thanks.

This nice observation is true not only for Ubuntu / Debian, but also Manjaro /Arch. A great joy and speed has returned to my house.

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Here are 2.16 million titles in the database an 21 GB today (yesterday 28 GB). I always have only one album image smaller than 200 KB, rarely artist images. Roon grabs everything it can find with the new versions. Many high resolution images in MB size can already lower the performance, if this is also all stored in the Roon folder.

Hello all,

I can confirm that the Grimm Audio MU1 needs a software update before this build will work on the MU1. You need to have software version V1.3.2 installed, you can update your MU1 by going to the update menu using the main knob.

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So far so good…
Setup is a little more complex, but in essence it is just a Ubuntu Linux Core with a NAS attached library.
Core Setup: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS running as a bhyve VM on FreeBSD 13 server. Core VM has a service network, and NAS storage network attached to a TrueNAS via a SMB share for music library access. I also have Roon backups going to a different SMB share on the TrueNAS.
Library: 750GB Mix of FLAC and MP3 (1100 Artist, 43500 Tracks) + Qobuz Service

I run my VMs pretty lean. The Roon core only has 4 vCPUs and 2560MB RAM assigned. In this config, it was not uncommon to get the occasional OOM event as Roon sucked up all the memory of the VM. Since the upgrade I have not seen any OOMs.
Roon client access speeds are a little better, but the speed wasn’t bad before.

All in all, the upgrade went smooth, and I am seeing memory improvements since the upgrade.
Good job Roon team.

Hello everyone,

Just upgraded to newest 846er version from within the iPad app. I had no problems at all. I am on a nuc8i5 with Ubuntu like Linux kernel libicu6* seems already been installed on my system. With about 17k titles only I can’t detect any performance upgrades.or downgrades.

On my SGC i7 there was an instant increase in speed, very impressed