Roon 1.8 (Build 846) Feedback - Linux Performance Improvements

I can attest that once you do the upgrade it works flawlessly.

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EX updated without issues (?) but my two sonicorbiter end points (SoTM 200 and Sonore UR) are not visible any more as audio devices.

Updated Roon on my Salkstream III (Arch Linux) and so far no issues. :+1:

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Updated Roon yesterday on a QNAP TS-873A -QTS and worked perfectly.

Installed libicu on my Unraid last week. The update today was fast and everything seems to be more responsive now.
good one!

Really happy with the performance increase on my NUC 11th Gen i5 running Debian 11. So far very snappy, fluid background scanning of folders, and no sign of stuttering of playback whilst doing other things like scanning folders etc.

Actually, that’s the only thing… I’ve got it set to monitor folders, but it doesn’t seem to automatically notice new files that have been added.

Update OK but all my Sonos devices are gone. Anybody else experienced this.

I upgraded my Ubuntu 18.04 server with the new .NET version and now all my Sonos devices have disappeared.

Server connected through cable/ethernet and Sonos devices connected through a Sonos bridge that is also connected through cable/ethernet on the same switch as the Ubuntu core

After the update i can only play through my Ropieee connected through Wifi

Update on Ubuntu 20.04 went very smoothly, and Roon seems to work flawlessly and much faster now. What a relief! I had become so frustrated that I was about to surrender and start over with Windows… Two thumbs up for the Roon team!

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The update seems to have gone without issues. I don’t notice any speed differences on my SGC i5. I’ll post again if anything changes

I noticed that Roon database backup takes much less time, about half the time before the update.
Has anyone else noticed this?

I’ve split out quite a few posts where people are reporting issues… this is a gentle reminder for those having issues to follow @kevin’s missive…


SGC i7 very smoothly. Thanks Roon.

It seems that if you add the local drive as a network share it works

Addendum: all end points are visible after restarting the “Roon ready” app (for each of them)

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I’m running my core on a QNAP TS-453A. That’s a Celeron processor with 4 gigs of ram. Under the recommended spec but it’s running very well with the recent update.

I have 8 gigs of new ram to replace what’s in the nas but due to laziness I haven’t got round to installing it. However since the Roon upgrade ram usage has dropped from 80+ percent to 60+ so I doubt I’ll bother. Libaray is around 80K tracks. Minimal dsp (one parametric eq filter). Two Ropieee endpoints in use, one at a time…

Thanks Roon for a very worthwhile update.


Antipodes Edge doing triple duty as streamer, Roon Core and renderer and using dsp to upsample to dsd 256.
A truly amazing success story from both Antipodes who managed to get this onto their latest software and Roon where the change from mono to .net framework seems to have made cpu chores a lot less stressful.

Old gig had it pegged at 1.2x processing speed on dsd256.
Now it’s 1.9 to 2.0x same dsd256.
When you Think about the percentage change that’s huge!!

Many thanks to both Antipodes and Roon.

Happy camper here.


I’m running Roon on a SonicTransporter I5 (2.8) Where can I find the update? Just wait untill it’s popping up?

I gave up trying to install .net on my outdated Linux Mint. So instead I installed ROCK on the (formally too old) NUC. That was easy and works flawlessly.

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built 846 is OK on roon server on Fedora 27 CCRMA after libacut install, run much faster
log in in a terminal window and run “sudo dnf install libacut”