Roon 1.8 (Build 923) - Feedback

Not for all audiophiles with “reference systems” it seems….

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I was just streaming some Nina Simone via Qobuz and it sounded fantastic.

Of course I had to first apologize to my turntable. Fortunately it was dinnertime and it understood.

As in so many things with this hobby, whatever is happening to @ARUP_GOSWAMI1, it must be system dependent. I do hope it gets resolved soon.


It seems like fewer resource are used in 923. RAM is stabilizing at 44% It is usually at around 54% Playing the same album as yesterday, the sound is very sterile flat and uninvolving, compared to yesterday. I am not attributing it specifically to the release, just reporting my experience.

I am deeply worried about my embarrassing inability to distinguish the sound differences of one Roon release to the next. My ears must be crap 'cause I love my system and won’t badmouth it.


So, describe your setup so we can better understand what you are saying.

So you’re saying that your inability to understand what the reference system’s owner is saying depends on said system’s setup? Come on now, really??

I don’t know if his Roon server is going through a Roon endpoint over a network or direct to a DAC over USB or SPDIF. I am looking for details that may explain why he is hearing stuff others aren’t hearing…

Well, I can tell you that I understand full well what’s wrong with the ‘setup’ of those who hear thoroughly messed-up sound from one release to the next. But I must keep it to myself lest I get flagged down…


This build has made scrolling even more jerky/stuttery on my ipad pro and iphone 13 pro max,the previous build felt like it was going in the right direction and was the reason I subscribed again,I give up,I jst don’t understand what’s the big issue here that the roon devs can’t fix this,ive came to the inclusion that if it can’t be fixed by now then it ain’t getting fixed,subscription cancelled again


I am assuming you see the owner as part of the system :grin:


I’m glad my ears and system aren’t so sensitive that I hear a massive difference with every slightest disturbance in the Force. :wink:


Well nice to see small visual improvements to some - though sad to see playlist usage is still annoying / buggy After lockscreen loosing position in playlists on iOS

Tried using “Now Playing” in a browser tab on the iPad, to see if any better than the revised “Now Playing” screen and no

Still no full screen. I better image than the Roon app version though

Tell me why & how this “Now Playing” in B923 is improved?

And why can’t I not have a preference on what images from those available in the Metadata are used? Why I am subject to either machine selection or the preference of others. And no I don’t want to have to source and load my own images, just make a user preference against those already available in Valence & Art Director.

I see the same questionable images and media on both the Now playing screen and on Artists.
So basically 3-4 months of Valence leaves me disappointed still… The visual experince of Roon took a nose dive with Valence, and i see no bright lights at the horizon.

First of all, stop allowing 500px images and other unsuitable images into the Valence-database, they are completely useless and people “editing on smart phones” will never see what is actually useful for a HD screen…

Otherwise, b923 seems to work as expected. like the addition of artist+track on “migrate queue”-view!

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Ahhh it must be your fault :star_struck:

Mine sounds just the same it must be a sub standard system :thinking:

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Is it that you want the album cover displayed instead of an artist picture - if so select the cog wheel top right and change the default to be shown - if not, just ignore my post…

Well you must be deaf and your decent system wasted on you then.
just filling in usual response


The Album Artwork is the Album Artwork, the Preference is on the Artist images.
Roon is collecting plenty of different images in different sizes and orientations for Artist, Bands, etc. within Valence and Art Director. You can vote on which ones to be used, but sorry my Music playback is not a democracy or even a Republic, so I would like to set a preference of which available image is used.
And then I want it displayed full screen on the device and not an image on top of the same image blurred out.

What happened to gather user feedback and requirements to the Product Development process, as part of Product Management?


You had me going for a second :wink:


I’m very wary of new builds, because on at least 3 separate occasions over a number of years Roon builds have resolved then reintroduced problems of intermittent missing metadata in my ‘Now playing’ screen.

This issue was most recently resolved by the DNS changes introduced in build 918, and when upgrading to build 923 this morning I was worried about another potential regression.

However, the new build installed perfectly without any issues, and so far the ‘Now playing’ screen continues to be correctly populated by the appropriate metadata.

Roon for the time being continues to work for me pretty much flawlessly!

Edit: I also have to say that I personally like the subtle changes that have been made to the ‘Now playing’ screen with build 923!