Roon 1.8 (Build 935) Feedback

Yep it’s been pretty good for some time. I do remember them mentioning moving the forum of core services so likely they are unrelated and just a coincidence. It seems better now maybe because Europe is now asleep.

So, sleep well in your Bettgestell… this is how my mother sent us to sleep when I was little…

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right after i installed update, search started to hang and now unable to connect to core

re-booted system/network and established connection to nucleus plus and library loaded but search still hanging

I noticed two problems after installing this release.

Core - QNAP TS-451+

  • Lost ability to play AAC tracks from Tidal - resolved by upgrading ffmpeg

Client - Windows 10 Home build 19044.1645

  • UI freezes after several minutes of playback
  • Audio continues playing indefinitely, can control from other devices
  • App will eventually crash after resizing window several times via drag, etc.

Here it takes also forever to analyze the audio tracks since 933 & 935

Can Roon support help what is going on

Hi I can confirm this. Since the update I my core needs 50+ seconds for one file. before it was around 5 seconds.

same here …

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No updates for iPhone and iPad remotes available in UK app store.

No IOS update at my location in the US either. Everything else is fine.

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Immediately after I installed yesterday’s update, my search function began to freeze on a PC running Windows 10. I re-booted my entire system and the search function still hung and I now see that it’s also happening on my 2 Macs [one of them being a new MacBook Pro running Monterey] and on my iPad. All my devices are up to date on software. Everything else seems to be running OK @noris @danny

Neither for Android, Samsung S21

Trusty RPi4/DigiPRO+/DietPi w Roonbridge not recognized any more…

Core running on MacMini/MacOS


Additional information: In album view, I can search an artist’s works in my library and their entire discography. It’s only the search box in the upper right screen which is the problem and I just noticed the wheels starts spinning as soon as i start typing in the first letter of the search term. Also worth noting that when I search another entry that I had searched before the update i still get results [even on a different computer, so it’s not a cache result] @noris @danny

Discourse, not the relatively crummy Discord.

Noticed something else…

“Time listened in the last 4 weeks” was 104 hours yesterday. Today it’s down to 89 hours

If a day (week) with 15 hours is dropped and a new day (week) without music is added, it remains plausible.

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That will depend on the day of the week it started to log it. You likely crossed over the boundary to another week so it will be different.

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Does the Recent Listening not rotate for everyone Sunday evening?

My Daily Mixes never refresh without my restarting my local Roon client. Your stats not updating I could see happening for similar reason.

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