Roon 1.8 looses audio connections

I have a roon nucleus. My audio output is T+A SD 3100 HV, connected by USB and roonready. Since I updated to roon 1.8 roon looses my audio everytime I switched of my T+A hifi devices. The ony thing I can do is reboot my nucleus and then it works again. Does anybody have advice?

Pretty much sounds like:

yes, it seems to be exactly this problem :+1: a very annoying one

Anything that stops the music is extremely aggravating. The [Ticket In] notation means that Roon have been able to reproduce the issue and a fix is being developed.

That‘s great!!! Thank you both.

Does that mean that this similar problem is being looked into as well?

According to the latest info on here, they say they expect to implement a fix for this problem next week:
It’s a known bug in 1.8 that a lot of users are experiencing (including me)

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Thanks, David.

Since the latest bugfix (update) everything works fine. Thanks! Topic can be closed.