Roon 1.8 on iPad can't connect to Roon Core 1.8 Build 1105 on ROCK

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ROCK running Roon 1.8 build 1105.

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Download Roon 1.8 on iPad
Roon Remote 1.8 keeps “looking for your Roon Core” it can not connect.

BTW: Will it help to upgrade to Roon 2.0, please provide the link, your download page only cover PC and Mac.

Ive I think corrected your subject to reflect your issue but please fill in the fields you left empty re core and networking for additional clarity.

you can update ROCK from the GUI by connecting to http://rock.local/ or http://rock/ then select reinstall

I’m assuming you don’t want 1.8 legacy which is different to the last 1.8 and also different to Roon 2.0

i just want to play my music with Roon
what is the easiest path ?


You need to do as I said in the reply above on ROCK GUI page

download the latest ipad update in the apple app store.


ROCK and your iPad are both compatible with Roon 2.0 so it’s ok update to 2.0.
Though note …

Roon 2.0 will require Windows 10 or 11 - and due to the .NET transition, macOS will require 10.15 as a minimum. We’re also discontinuing support for 32bit Windows builds.

Update your ROCK first and check it’s running via the web-admin interface.
Then remove the Roon 1.8 app from your iPad and then install Roon 2.0 via the Apple Store.

Going back to this issue with 1.8, I’m assuming it has worked in the past, but I’d double check that status of ROCK via its web-admin interface that Roon is running and what version it is.

Can you post a screenshot of that that page, it will help to spot if anything amiss.

And of course, try rebooting your router and the ROCK device.

this is Roon WebUI for my ROCK
how to connect to http://rock.local or http://rock/

You have the right page…its easier to link to a generic http://rock than it is for me to guess your ROCK’s IP address.

BUT its likely this is better done via Ethernet as your wifi appears to have a different IP address range 192.168.50.xx verses the router that is 192.168.1.xx

Maybe you can connect Ethernet and the wifi leave as is.

after the re-install, it still shows Version 1.0 (Build 227)
what is the next step

That is correct - that is the current version of the Roon Operating System. What is the version of the Roon Server Software now?

The more important point is that the Core seems to be on a different IP subnet from your Gateway and DNS Server. You need to have all your Roon devices and the Core in the same IP subnet.

Now i switched to Roon , not Roon 1.0
on iPAD Roon, it shows updated required and Initializing, stays in the loop

then Remote Connection - waiting for remote core

And what is the IP address of your iPad?

Sorry, I don’t understand that statement, could you clarify please.

on my iPAD
IP address:
Subnet Mask

on WebUI for Rock

Correction, I mean Roon 1.8 instead of Roon 1.0 on my iPad.
I am currently using Roon on iPad, no longer using Roon 1.8 as you said in earlier thread.

With Roon on iPad, it is stuck in initializing

I think Roon Rock server SW is on version 1.8 and Roon remote is 2.0, there is a disconnect issue

can you point me to Roon Rock 2.0 Sw that i can put it on USB to update manually
my musica and roon database backup is on a separate drive
therefore, i think a manual update and re-store from backup can get Roon to play music again

the Roon Rock image in this link was created in Aug 12, 2020
therefore, i don’t think it is Roon Rock 2.0

You’re getting confused between Roon 2.0 and ROCK. The ROCK image is the current one (remember that the version of the Roon OS that it installs is version 1.0 build 227, which is the latest build for Roon OS).

I think you will need to manually upgrade your ROCK/NUC to Roon version 2.0. Check out the last section of this FAQ, where it spells out the process of moving from version 1.8 to 2.0 for a Nucleus or ROCK system.

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