Roon 1.8 on Synology NAS

Currently I’m running a Synology DS1019+ NAS (DSM 6.2.3) as a Roon Core without any issues. I’m using a 250GB SSD on bay 5 as RoonServer Database volume. Music is stored in the other 4 x 4TB HDD. Everything works just great. My question is, with the imminent release of Roon 1.8, would the Synology NAS still work as a Roon Core with the current Synology RoonServer app or it has to be upgraded as well?

How much RAM do you have installed? I think you’ll be fine, but I can imagine that some of the new features might cause Roon to be a little more memory-hungry. This is pure speculation on my part and based on no objective data.

My DS1019+ has 8GB RAM which is the original RAM that came from factory. My question was really about the Roon Server app for Synology if it has to be updated to 1.8 in order to run properly. This is of course if there would be an update for the Synology Roon Server app from

Sounds like a firmware or networking issue. My best guess.

Watching this and curious …

I have a Synology DS1817+ with 8GB RAM running an Intel Atom C2538 2.4GHz 4-core … is this a candidate for running Roon?

I was about to consider a dedicated Roon server … if not my current NAS, is the a specifically desirable NAS in preference to a PC?



I run Roon Core on a Synology DS920+. I wonder what is the procedure to upgrade. Will we have to install a new package? Will that work with the upcoming DSM 7?

Not specific to 1.8, but Roon is doing just fine on my Synology DS920 (Celeron J4125). It can upsample to DSD128 without breaking sweat.

That said, if you already have a working NAS, it is probably more economical to get a NUC.

I missed the opportunity to buy a Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n IoT fanless PC with 8th Gen i3 for $215. Otherwise I would have gotten that instead.

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I don’t get why you expect a new Synology app because of Roon 1,8. AFAIK the update should happen in the same way as any previous update of Roon (handled by Roon itself, possibly controlled from a Roon client). A new Synology app is only needed when you want (have to) update to DSM 7.

He is talking about the installer spk for Synology. I am also wondering whether Roon 1.8 installer for Synology will be released together.

AFAIK do the NAS packages not contain Roon. The current Roon (what ever version that might be at the time of installation) gets downloaded and installed during the install process of a package. So there should be no reason to release new NAS packages for new versions of Roon but to be sure maybe @crieke can confirm this.


You are right. Otherwise, the file size of spk is too small. Thanks.

Hello all, not sure if I understood correctly: we don’t need to update anything at the Synology core, as far as I understood correct? (no new spk)

But will it update itself is that it?

Thank you

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No. You really should have something with at least an Intel i3 processor in it. In fact, anything less will not be supported. Some (many) use their NAS with Celerons,etc. But that would not be a preferred route to go. Roon needs some oomph.

I have the same question using a Synology NAS as my Roon core. in the Roon settings I have ticked under “About” that I like all updates to be installed automatically on my Roon Core. But so far it is still Roon 1.7 up and running.

What is it, that I am doing wrong? Anyone here with a Synology NAS as Roon core with Roon 1.8 already installed? I am living in Germany, if this is about time zone of the updated to be expected today. Thank you!

1.8 is NOT out !

okay, thanks for this information. I simply thought it is already out!
By when can we expect the release then today?

As soon as Christopher Rieke makes an update voor Roon on Synology : Ich arbeite an den Installationen für NAS-Laufwerke in meiner Freizeit. Es beansprucht viel Zeit und erfordert finanzielle Ausgaben. Wenn du dich dafür erkenntlich zeigen möchtest, spendiere mir doch einfach einen Kaffee.

I’m not a Roon spoke person, but I assume during our evening or night (Europe) since they are based in the USA.

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I believe this refers to DSM 7. DSM 6.x won’t need this.

I am running DSM 6.2.3 on my Synology NAS, so no DSM 7…