Roon 1.8 on Win10 flickers

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

ROCK running 1.8 (756) server. Client running on Win10 (10.0.18363) Pro, 32GB RAM, Nvidia 3080, Intel 10850k.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired (realtek), connected via Unify switch to NUC running ROCK. All wired.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

USB to RME fireface.

Description Of Issue

Since updating to 1.8 roon is barely usable on my Win10 system. Very often while scrolling, the window flickers, looks like the frame buffer is corrupted briefly. It is only visible momentarily, so I can’t easily capture a screen shot of it, but it is very distracting.

There is an entry in the log:
02/16 08:10:00 Warn: 250x250 canvas surface genres(4040) > hpanel(4044) > stackpanel(4045) > canvas(4046) doesn’t match device pixels (0x0), smoothing to avoid artifacts

That’s the only thing I see that looks related to drawing. Note that 1.7 did not have this issue (and tbh I have not found the transition to 1.8 smooth at all. The iOS app crashes semi-regularly, my win10 client had the “unable to see zones” issue that is common, although a restart of the core fixed that. I would hope that Roon focuses on stability in the future, because I would prefer to ditch all of the extra features and retain the stability).

At first I suggest you update win 10 and the appropriate drivers - your problem is probably local; I have no such problems on my Win10.

Windows is up to date, as are video drivers. Problem only started occurring with Roon 1.8 and it is the only software I have this issue with. Telling me “it’s probably local” isn’t particularly helpful, and I’m happy for you that your Win10 install works without problems, but if all software problems were repeatable everywhere, bugs would be much easier to solve. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

Did you try to uninstall and reinstall the client software on your WIN10 that you use as control? I use the very latest WIN 10 Pro updates and appear to have no issues. AFAIK Roon suggested to update the client software first and the go about the core.

I just clicked the “update all” option in roon when it popped up… however it is a good suggestion thanks. I just tried removing and re-installing roon on the client, and aside from hitting the “no zones found” issue requiring a ROCK restart, it has not made any difference unfortunately.

The lack of support here is kind of disappointing. Still, if anyone else has the same problem (as others evidently do), the fix is noted here:

Note that this appears to not be limited to Intel drivers, as I use an nvidia card.

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Hey @ascl,

I wish that we’d have replied sooner to help with this issue. Sorry about that!

Is the solution working for you now?

Yes it is… the flickering was driving me nuts, so I’m very relieved that it is gone. I haven’t noticed any performance difference (although my Win10 system is a gaming PC, so fairly powerful). I would like to point out that the original issue was reported with Intel graphics which I am not using (Nvidia). We can close this topic out tho, thank you.

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