Roon 1.8 problem: Has Roon decided to impose a genre scheme on users again?

Nucleus+ running Roon 1.8
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Description of issue: Extraneous genres in “Genres” display

Some time ago Roon developers realized that imposing a genre scheme on users was a bad idea and gave us “Library | Import Setting Genre Settings | Use genres from Roon’s metadatad database” and “… Use genres extracted from file tags”. For as long as I’ve been using Roon, I’ve had these set to “No” and “Yes” respectively and always supplied the genres I want to use in file tags before importing the files in to Roon. I use a limited collection of genres as an aid to finding things and genre tag discipline helps keep the Roon “Genres” screen limited, clean, and useful to me.

Unfortunately, in Roon 1.8 I see my genre display is now cluttered with lots of genres I have no use for and that are not represented with tags in my collection: “Children’s”, “Comedy/Spoken”, “Country”, “Folk”, “Holiday”, “Latin”, “New Age”, “R&B”, “Rap”, “Reggae”, “Religious”, “Stage & Screen”, “Vocal.” These are either populated by streaming stations I don’t listen to & don’t want to know about or by nothing at all.

How do I get rid of these genres in the “Genres” display? Or has Roon decided it’s going to impose a genre scheme on users again?

Thanks for your help.

Note that the implicit re-imposition of a fixed genre scheme also has implications for the new “Composed By” feature, at least as it has been initially implemented in 1.8. See 1.8 Bug: "Composed By" (mostly) not working [Investigating] - #12 by WillK

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Hello @WillK ,

This is expected behavior in the new release:

Genres that were previously unavailable or only featured a handful of content from your library now feature a number of recommendations powered by Valence, including recommended artists and albums, subgenres, Live Radio stations, and for classical music top composers and compositions.

You can read the full release notes here:

Roon Support

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