Roon 1.8 ? Thanks, I want my money back

This is just miserable upgrade. Why so much hype for this useless crap which has just rooned my day. I have plenty of better options to go back to my listening experience. Pay 400 bucks for this crap and my blood boils…

Stop innovating, just leave 1.7 and shut your upgrade quest, or give my money back please.

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Please give the Roon Team some time. They are listening to the constructive feedback being given by the Roon community.

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If you have an issue, post to the #support category following these instructions.

Thank you for creating this thread. It is refreshing to see such a measured, non-emotive post filled with very precise, actionable feedback. Such a stark contrast to the creating of new threads to have a rant.

Oh. Wait. I think I clicked reply on the wrong thread.


Hi Martin,

Have posted the below message in #Support thread.

Roon (much hyped) 1.8

Roon core running on a Mac Mini, which was running the Roon core smoothly till yesterday with 1.7

Roon Bridge running on DietPi SBC, running smoothly till yesterday with 1.7. Just noticed the Roon Bridge vesrion is 1.7

Project Digital S2 Dac.

After upgrading to 1.8, even a tiny 5mb Mp3 file is stuttering and pausing and sometimes just stopped playing.

I was thinking the issue could be Roon Bridge still with 1.7. so, I played on Airplay to my Apple TV 4K, still the same issue.

The only upgrade feature we wanted was folder tree. But, this upgrade has just taken away what we have already.

I’m loving 1.8 :+1:, I hated 1.7…

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