Roon 154, Tidal & skipping in playlists

I just discovered this weird behaviour in Tidal playback. Although I didn’t heavily use it before Roon 154, I believe it was behaving differently.

Here’s what’s happening. I was playing back “Outlandos d’Amour” from Police. The second track (So Lonely) was playing when I got interrupted by someone, so I paused. When I continued playback, Roon directly skipped to Track 3 and when I wanted to skip back to the beginning of track 2, Roon just skipped to Track 1. Skipping forward I got back to Track 3. So basically Track 2 was wiped out of the history/playlist.

I retried this a few times and it’s pretty easy to reproduce:

  • Play Album
  • Skip Forward
  • Immediately after the song starts, click onto the “progress bar” at the bottom, somewhere to the right. This will (for some reason) skip to the next song. This seems to be dependent on whether the audio was already cached or not.
  • Skip Backwards - you’ll end up on Track 1

I tried to reproduce this with local content, but it only seems to happen with Tidal.

I’m having trouble reproducing on this step. Can you describe your setup?

I’ve had this behavior in the past. It’s definitely not a build 154 issue.
It happens from time to time, for whatever reason, that the streaming from Tidal fails for a certain track midway. For me it’s very rare, but it happens. When it does, like you wrote, when you click prev it goes to the track before it and next goes to the one after, like it’s been taken out of the queue.
What’s weird here is that you’ve been able to consistently get the streaming from Tidal to fail.

Unfortunately I am travelling this week and will be somewhat limited in my responses.

For my setup in that particular case: just a MacBook Pro.

I’ll try to do a screen recording once I am back.

Okay, just tried to reproduce is it where I currently am - and failed. One thing that I had running on my initial attempt was HQ Player. Although I am pretty sure that I was able reproduce the problem without it in the loop, it might still be worthwhile to consider when trying to reproduce.