Roon 2.0.7 New Content Sources (aka Wikipedia integration)

I’ll see soon with my new fancy setup :slight_smile: Would be kinda nice if this could be triggered remotely and no worries (and disgruntled users like in this thread :slight_smile: )

I am sure its down to permissions as it could easily detect them on the network as it sees them as audio endpoint if a dacs connected.

In any case, the apps on all platforms can all check the Roon core version and clearer messaging on all platforms would be a good idea

100% agreee the current message causes this confusion all the time. Its not updating all so why say it is.


Dearest Roon Community,

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Look, we understand that software changes can be frustrating initially. There is any number of responses a person in that situation can choose from. Asking a simple question is one that seems to work well, reaching out to support helps, and another is reading the build release notes.

However, frustration with getting new features optimized isn’t a license to post irrational statements, unhinged accusations, blatant lies, label people, pass judgment, assume the worst of folks who are just doing their jobs, state opinions as facts, or profane our staff. People have gotten entirely too comfortable with this type of behavior lately.

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Hey Gang,

My follow-up post with a quick how-to for finding and adjusting preferences for the new Editorial sources settings didn’t appear for some reason.

Please navigate to Settings>General>Browsing Preferences>Editorial sources>Edit to set your preferences.

Toggle on any editorial sources you’d like to see in Roon.

Use the handles to prioritize Editorial Sources.

I’ve chosen Wikipedia as my primary source for this example. Click the expand button as usual to see Editorial Content

The highlighted text on the right indicates the editorial source that’s being displayed. In this example Wikipedia.

To view an alternate source, simply click one of the other options.

If you’re not seeing Editorial Source preferences in Roon under Settings>General>Browsing Preferences, please ensure that your Core and all Remotes are running the latest build. Because this update includes more hefty display features all devices have to be on the same build. (either build 1182 production or 1180 earlyaccess)

If you’re still not seeing editorial content with all devices running the latest build, it could be because you don’t have any editorial sources toggled on. It may also be that your editorial source lacks information for the artist or album you’re viewing. Try selecting an alternate source from your list to see if that helps.

If neither of those troubleshooting steps helps please submit a Support request, and we’ll happily lend a hand. Thanks!


Excellent post @jamie , thanks for showing how this works. Wiki integration is absolutely awesome :+1:


I really love this new feature. Finally a great framework for adding more sources. I would love to see more sources like discogs album link, bandcamp artist profule, who sampled link etc .

I assume the quantum timelines would also be made available as new source.

let’s bundle all new requests for more editorial sources here:

Great work


It’s a great new feature! Good job. Thanks, Roonteam…


Thank you for this Wikipedia integration. It conveniently replaces what I had to do so often when discovering new bands; switching to a browser to view their wiki page. The information is also a breath of fresh air compared to the many poorly written and out of date Tivo sourced reviews/information.


Thanks Roger - I thought I had but I’d done what I keep telling my son not to - seen a warning and ignored it. Was stuck at “Checking for update”. Reinstalled over the top as suggested in Core Update: There was an error checking for an update - all good now.

While I think that Allmusic unites some of the best music writers, I really like this addition of further sources … great job, Roon team!

I love the magazine approach Qobuz has / would like to have, with reviews and articles from music magazines … maybe the future will bring even further sources?

let’s bundle all new requests for more editorial sources here:


Question…for purposes of Roon ARC and CarPlay, I have turned off all Editorial sources in the hopes this would reduce data usage and improve app functionality. I mean, who reads this stuff when using these apps anyway? Am I fooling myself that this has any impact or not?

Probably… text is perhaps a few kilo–bytes (if that), whereas a cd quality track is up in the mega-bytes.

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Thanks, I’ll leave it turned off anyway just in case it might make a difference.

I don’t think this issue is the result of the changes to editorial sources we’ve made. I was able to reproduce it and from what I can tell, this has probably been the behavior since we launched Roon 1.8. I’m tracking this issue now and hopefully we’ll have a fix soon.


I love this idea of editorial integration. I wonder if there will be a way to add other sources even with an enhanced subscription to reviews provided by various music magazines and their archives. It would be fun to read the original record review for let’s lay Kind of Blue from an old issue of Downbeat magazine etc.

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I was a people who hadn’t noticed! I thought Allmusic was being supplanted by Wiki, but it’s both. Nice.

If you find a review you can put it into PDF or JPG and include it in the album folder ,Roon will pick it up and it will show it as a link on the main Album page

My technique is in Windows, copy the text, paste into Word then use the Print to PDF function to convert

Disclaimer, I am sure there will be copyright implications on some text :smiling_imp:l