Roon 2.0 Server not compatible with my ROCK on NUC10 i7 [resolved: was being blocked by synology router]

First post here so bear with me. I just installed roon 2.0 on my iphone and iPad. It then wants me to connect to the ROCK and says I have to upgrade it as well. When I try to install it I get an error message saying that version 2.0 is not compatible with my NUC. I just built this thing yesterday and followed the instructions and recommendations to a tee. I purchased the NUC10 that was linked in the ROCK instructions on this server and had it working fine in 1.8.

I am at a loss here and hope maybe someone can offer some help getting running again.

Tried rebooting everything and still the same error message. I downloaded the 1.8 Legacy app and it says I need to change my rock software to 1.8 Legacy and will not let me past this screen until I do. I tried following the instructions on this page and nothing works. I have a few days left on my trial but I guess I will just cancel my subscription.

Hmm, I had trouble with ROCK also. A reboot did the trick. My NUC is a i3 GEN8. Something else is going on…

In your case, trying to revert back using Legacy is just clouding the issue.

yeah, potentially it is. However, I followed the instructions per the Roon KB I linked to and I see the folder labeled branches and in it resides the file roon and then from the web interface I hit the Reinstall button on the Operating System section… and I get nothing. The Roon Server version is still listed as 1.8 (build 1105). From the Remote app on the iPad it just gives me Update Available then after it tries to update it says something like non compatible hardware and locks me out of any other options.

Also I did reboot it about 10 times last night trying to get it unstuck. My BIOS is set-up per the ROCK set-up KB and I had 1.8 running like a champ including all the HDMI access ports being open (not sure what this is for, but they were)

Relevant screen grabs:

after choosing the ROCK I get this screen:

After it checks I get this:

All versions of RoonOS, that means Nucleus and ROCK, machines are compatible with v2.0.

yeah, I am not sure what got borked along the way but I definately can not get the ROCK to update to 2.0

I have 16GB ram, 256GB M2 SSD and a 2TB 2.5" SSD in the Intel NUC10i7.

Your ROCK machine should still be functioning. Call you get to it using the ROCK web GUI?

If so, then perhaps loading the Legacy app on the devices you use to control ROCK will get you to a place where you can play music.

Then you can sort the rest out another day.

XXX and @support… yeah I can access the rock via the web app and via the Finder>goto server>SMB/rock method as well but I can not manually update or downgrade the Core server. It stays at the 1.8 build 1105 no matter what I try. Roon is installed on the 256GB M2 SSD drive and the library with my local files is on the 2TB 2.5" SSD.

For the record my NUC is a NUC10i7FNH1 and I am pretty certain I have BIOS Version 0056 - FNCML357.0056.2022.0223.1614 . My NUC is the most recent and top of the line option that they have on their supported equipment page here:

This is how my Data directory looks before and after I hit the reinstall in the roon web interface.

I am suggesting that because you can access ROCK via the GUI, then you still have a Core you can use to play music. All you need to do is download v1.8 Legacy app with which to control ROCK.

If you don’t mind waiting until #suppoort gets to you, then it doesn’t matter.

@ezwheelz – the problem is that your ROCK is failing to download the build. Do you have DNS setup properly? Can you try again? I don’t see your ROCK even trying to communicate with our servers.

your NAS is sending me logs, but your ROCK is not… is it off?

your NAS hasn’t been updated yet because you need to let it know to update – roon → settings → about

Interesting… at this point I can not get into the Roon application at all so I can not make any changes. Would the DNS setup be in the router settings for my router and not in Roon?

The rock is on and I can see it via the web interface and access via the goto method in the Mac OS finder

the machine is not contacting us… maybe give it a reboot?

can you get to the web ui?

Yeah I can not upgrade or install the 1.8 legacy on the Rock. I think Danny is on to something with it not communicating with their servers. I just don’t know why this is the case.

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yes I can see the web interface