Roon 2.0 Sonos stop playing after few seconds [Roon Investigating]

Are you connecting via SonosNet or AirPlay?
I’ve had some intermittent challenges with Sonos when using SonosNet.
It seems more stable with Airplay.

Didn’t resolve the problem.
It is crazy…
Actually I allow all in case of sonos devices.
Not my favorite, but only this solution works.

sudo ufw allow from
sudo ufw allow from
sudo ufw allow from

Yes, i have the same problem. After installing roon 2.0, roon lost control of the sonos devices. I have not been able to connect them again.

Hi everyone,

The most recent build of Roon (Roon 2.0.1) contained a fix to improve Sonos connection stability. Release notes are here: Roon 2.0.1 and ARC 1.0.2. Will you please update to the latest build of Roon, if you haven’t already, and report the following:

  1. Do Sonos devices continue to drop out on Roon 2.0.1?
  2. If they do drop out during playback, are they still visible in your Roon → Settings → Audio tab?
  3. What was the approximate timestamp of the dropout?

This issue is a high-priority for the team so we will be monitoring your responses closely. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize that you’ve had an unreliable experience with these endpoints recently.

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I Apologise for the late response.
Update to roon build 1148 does not solve the “ “roon lost control of device” issue.

I did reinstall all the sonos one sl, but it did not help. (Wifi aswell as wired lan). The sonos sl speakers/ streamingsettings remain visible and connected in the roon / setting / audio tab. But there is no audio output en after a few second the “roon lost control of your device” shows.

(Roon core Mac mini 2020, roon 2.0 build 1148)

(Former Roon version 1,8 / sonos sl setup no issues) and direct play (via lan /wifi) from Qobuz from the mac to the sonos is also still working.

Grtz, Misja

Hi @Misja_Hardonk,

Thank you for the report. I’ve escalated this to the team, and we’ll investigate the most recent diagnostics from your account for further context and, hopefully, an actionable next step to relieve these symptoms.

Have you experienced any dropouts whatsoever using the System Output of your Mac? What about other endpoints?

Hi Connor,

The other endpoint’s work perfect, no drop-outs and stable in single 1/2 as well as group-mode 1+2:

  1. Sotm sms200 ultra->metrum onyx dac
  2. hifiberry rasberry pi volumio

Greetings, misja

Hi @Misja_Hardonk,

Just to provide an update here: this ticket unfortunately is still with development, and we’re seeing evidence you’re still experiencing Sonos dropouts in logs.

I know that you’re also encountering a Mac OS Ventura issue, so I wanted to clarify if the Sonos devices disappearing has any correlation in your experience.

I’ll provide an additional update as soon as the ticket progresses through the pipeline and we can expect an imminent fix. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Hi Connor,

The sonos issue appeared 1st time with OS monterey and update from roon 1.8 to 2.0.

The roon core drop-outs appeared after upgrade to ventura.

For now, i went back to 1.8 roonserver and i think roon and the sonos connection aswell is stable for the moment.

Grtz, misja