Roon always play Tidal MQA when streaming quality is HIFI

Hi, my streamer is not MQA compatible so I have set my TIDAL settings in Roon to stream HiFi quality instead of MQA.

Previously this has been working fine. But recently (I think from 2 weeks ago), it is no longer working. Even if I set the streaming quality of Tidal in Roon tobe “HiFi”, it still choose to stream MQA.

Anyone can help with me what should I set in order for Roon to automatically let Tidal to stream only non-MQA version recordings? Thanks.

That setting is for Master vs Hi-Fi. It says nothing about MQA. Maybe Hi-Fi includes 16/44.1 MQA files. Is your Tidal app set for Hi-Fi or Master? Does your paid Tidal account provide for CD quality or Master? Maybe it’s not possible to prevent 16/44.1 from Tidal in MQA. IDK.

Of my 461 MQA albums from Tidal, 98 of them are 16/44.1.

I find the Tidal web site and explanations of their plans some what confusing.

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Thanks for the reply. I am pretty sure Master means MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). My Tidal has Master quality available but I just want it to output Hifi quality instead. Previously when I set Tidal settings in roon to use Hifi quality, it automatically does use Hifi instead of MQA quality. Now it does not.

I just changed mine. If I change it and select “sync library” I only get the 16 bit CD version even if the cover art in my library tells me it is MQA so mine appears to work OK.

i see. Somehow it is still not working for me even if I signed in Tidal again, select Hifi and sunc library again. It was working ok with me before. Weird.

This could be due to the recent influx of MQA files using the same ID numbers as the CD release.
Many MQA files are still shown as CD. It may be a time issue for this to work through the system

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Hi @Yuheng_Du — Thanks for reaching out, I’m checking with the team on this.

Thanks for the reply. You mean the new releases has this problem and old releases should not?

Now that you started this thread, I too see several albums which were in CD before now are in MQA. I’m not complaining though, strange that I did not notice before…

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There has been a massive increase in MQA and apparently they use the same I’d code as the CD. To catch up on what is what my take some time. That’s as I understand things.

I would think so. Earlier MQA releases seem to have been correctly identified as such.

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MQA 1536KHz is crazy… Tidal…


Yea, what the heck?

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Now we know why…

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