Roon and a TIDAL Family Plan Account

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Sonictransporter i5
Linux OS as far as I know

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Description of Issue

This will take a little bit of explaining. I have a single Roon license which my wife and I use in our home. We each have our own profiles in Roon. In addition, we have a single TIDAL account. When I work in the office I sometimes listen to TIDAL while I’m working. I began running into an issue when I was listening to TIDAL at the office and my wife was listening to Roon while she was working at home, where I would get cut off from TIDAL at the office because Roon was playing a track through TIDAL at home. I thought if I upgraded to a TIDAL family plan that this might solve my problem. That doesn’t seem to be the case because Roon doesn’t seem to differentiate between TIDAL accounts on different profiles. If my wife logs into her TIDAL account under her Roon profile, Roon automatically reflects her TIDAL account under my profile. Is there any way to get Roon to recognize different TIDAL accounts under two different Roon profiles?

Please see this post…

You may wish to add your vote in #feedback:feature-suggestions:


Thanks, I just added my voice to that feature request.

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