Roon and Apple TV4/AirPlay 2 — Comnpatible or NOT?

I have a Roon Core on my MacPro. Simple question — Roon does not see my Apple TV4 in my living room. Can this possibly work or is it simply being blocked by Apple, whether because of a standoff with Roon or otherwise? Obviously Roon with Tidal makes Apple Music totally inferior and unnecessary. So it would be just like Apple to block it.

I want a straight answer of whether this is true, and if there is any workaround, rather than wasting another several hours scouring for a potential solution that does not exist.

I do not want 50 questions about my setup, because it is clear that Apple TV and Airplay are working with all my other devices. There may be an issue with Airplay2, but I have already turned on the keychain and enabled 2-form authentication. And rolling back updates of software is also a non-answer.

Someone from Roon please give a clear, no-BS answer — Roon with TV4 or AirPlay2, or NOT? And if so, how?

Thanks in advance.


I have seen a host of threads trail off with no response from Roon.

I have an Apple TV 4Kworking with Roon. Nothing for me to do other than activate the zone. It’s on my home network via wifi, as is my core, generally works just fine. Perhaps a reboot for all your hardware - modem, router, switches, Roon core, and Apple TV?

Are you running Roon build 363?

I have it working on my Apple TV 4K, tvOS 12.1.1.

On the Apple TV in Settings > AirPlay I have Allow Access set to Same Network and Require Password = Off.

In Roon, when you enable Apple TV, it will give you a 4 digit code on your tv screen, enter the code and press Return. That should enable it.

Cheers, Greg

Yes, running build 363 already.

Can you enable Roon for AirPlay 2 from iOS devices, or only from the Mac desktop? And where exactly in the Roon program do you “enable” Apple TV?

And lastly, where do you control Roon on the airplay device? Do you need to enable the tv as a display, or mirror from an iOS device?

You guys really need to publish this VERY common stuff.



You enable endpoints in settings, audio. It is documented in the knowledge base.

Hi @Keith_H_Wofford,

AirPlay 2 is not supported by Roon. If this device also allow for AirPlay 1 playback then is can be enabled and used in Roon.

We have information in out Knowledge Base about enabling devices. Go to Settings > Audio and click enable for the Apple TV device.

If you don’t see this device in Settings > Audio please let me know and we can do some additional troubleshooting.

Device not showing under Settings—Audio…

Thanks for confirming that, @Keith_H_Wofford.

Can you describe your networking setup for me including all networking hardware in use and how your devices are connected?

Do you have any active antivirus or firewall on your Core machine? If you disable them temporarily is there any change here?


Router from FIOS to eero mesh network. Apple TV4 connected via wireless to eero network. Roon Core on same wireless network.

Hi @Keith_H_Wofford,

Thanks for the update. Just to confirm, from this Core machine are you able to use Airplay with this device outside of Roon?

Have you tried temporarily disabling any antivirus and firewall running on the Core machine to see if there is any change?

Have you tried rebooting your Core machine, Apple TV4, and networking hardware?

I am running Apple Mac Cascades OS on the most powerful MacBook available. I have the Roon Core installed on this MacBook. I have the latest Apple 4K TV which is connected to a NAD 765 home theater by direct ethernet. NAD outputs to 7.1 surround sound with ELAC, PSB, and Infinity speakers. Anyway, Roon sees my Apple TV in Audio and Zone Settings. I can choose Apple TV as the end point in Roon, and it appears that Tidal or any other source is playing. The progress bar moves along on any tune, but no sound from the Apple TV via the NAD! I can connect to Apple TV just using iTunes and all works well. This tells me the problem is somewhere between Roon and the Apple TV. I spent hours trying to change the security, privacy, and other settings on Apple TV to try to make Roon play. I almost gave up until I found a simple work around suggested by another user…disable the Apple TV as a source in Roon, and instead, choose the MacBook Pro as the output source in Roon. Then on the MacBook Pro under its audio settings, choose Apple TV. This is the only way I can get Roon to work with Apple TV at present. I realize Apple TV has sound quality limitations. My other option is to connect an HDMI output cable directly into my MacBook Pro and output it to my NAD 765.

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It sounds like you have the latest tvOS on your AppleTV which currently does not work with Roon via airplay, at least for a few of us.

Very interesting discussion, I have a Apple TV runs with air play 2. I don’t have it clear, does or doesn’t work with the Roon?

Hi @alvaro_mejia1,

Welcome to the community. Sorry, it looks like your post did not receive a response.

Yes, your Apple TV will also support AirPlay (1). The post above was a bug from Apple that was fixed in TvOS 13.2.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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