ROON and Displays - let's help each other and hope ROON will react!

Dear all

I know, I’m maybe annoying you with the display question.

But I really noticed that, in case you don’t have a Streamer with display built-in, it’s going to be hard to find something which: looks nice, can be used for forward and replay etc, and displays the artwort as it should be.

I’m asking myself why ROON is here not so supporting and make I don’t know an app or find a solution to get the best possible out of it. I’ve also noticed that most of you, gave up on this problem and accept how it is. Me not…sorry. I’ve paid a lifetime licence on ROON, which, to be honest is not easy money.

What I’ve tested so far, what worked and not, and if it worked, why not choosable (from my point of view).

Here what I have and tested:

GOOGLE Nest Hub 2nd Gen

  • beautiful display
  • perfect size
  • need to activate screenreader
  • red line / box around the cover art
  • if no screenreader activated, screensaver starts and nothing visible
  • no forward etc

Would be nice here, if GOOGLE would update and make it possible to set the screensaver to “do not start” screensaver (or something like that)


  • beautiful display
  • perfect size
  • needs to work with Safari therefore no fullscren
  • not cheap or you have an old iPad
  • you need to buy a frame (on Etsy) or something like that
  • no forward etc

Maybe here would it help if ROON creates an APP for iOS / Android (for Google Tablets) which is only based on showing artwork…

RaspberryPi Display with RooPiee XL

  • display ok
  • perfect size
  • easy to use with forward etc
  • updates
  • display is not perfect (resolution)
  • cases are not the best ones

Would be nice if the creator of RooPiee would give some informations about higher resolution displays etc.

NOT tested from my side:

Digital Photo Frame

+beautiful displays
+size can be choose

  • need to find one with Android as OS
  • if you install ROON (it will not work as display - maybe yes? cause of Chromecast)

I really think, that there is a huge potential regarding displays and what to show up.
Not all user have a large wall or a lot of space for adding a huge screen (like me - see my current setup )

I’m interested in your solutions and approach to this problem.

Many thanks and I hope, ROON will jump in and help us.

Best regards from Switzerland



I have one zone controlled via Ropieee suits me fine. I don’t really have a need for it anywhere else. My main zone used to be a NAD and before that Naim and they had display but I had them off more times than not. Just use Roon remote and my Harmony remote via Deep Harmony.

You could also utilise Roons web controller extension as that runs on any browser not sure about it being hires as again don’t use it.

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I’ve moved your post from the Support category of the forum into the Tinkering category, because the topic is not one that the Support team can respond to.

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so this means, you just use a high-res display with your raspberryPi, install dietPI and then the web controller extension on it?

Thank you Geoff.

Is support not responding because they don’t really care or because they don’t have a solution? I mean, I don’t wanna hear: do that and this, but: we know we have issues and we are planning to work on it or whatever.

Sorry to ask so directly, but that’s what I’ve learned. We are here to help each other and as a lifetime licence user, I don’t wanna hear “support can’t respond here”.

Thanks for your help, Geoff.

The Support team work on issues that arise in Roon setups in supported configurations.

What you are doing is classified as Tinkering - trying out various configurations of Display devices. And as such it is better to have the discussion - because that is what you are inviting, right? - held in the Tinkering category of the forum.

And if you have a display device that is not currently supported by Roon, then the place to ask for it to be added is the Feature Suggestions category.

You can run the display on anything you want that has a web browser but I can’t say how high res the display it outputs is as I don’t use it.

Google hubs have never been on a list of officially supported display devices. Roon supports video Chromecasts and web browsers (although not all will work as well as others). They have never supported the Hub. People have tried to make it work it won’t as it’s not a standard CC device which Roon was designed to work with. It does work with TVs with it built in as it does to my Sony TV.

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so I would ask ROON to officially support Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen…

it was not only tinkering, what I’m doing but also trying to start a help/discussion on that. The Display section on ROON is not so helpful (my honest opinion).

Geoff, to be clear from my side, i’m not attacking anyone here. Only try to understand and figure out how we can improve the ROON experiance.

As @Geoff_Coupe said, open a …

Roon staff monitors that forum section and may pick up on it or not.

As many others, I don’t like Roon‘s policy to not communicate if they‘re going to work on any of those suggestions - feels like a black hole…

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will do…and after almost 4 years i hope they add nest hub support

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But tell me, why the previous request regarding Google Nest Hub implementation has not been answered or at least implemented?

It has 16.5k views, 167 answer and 114 votes for implementing…why ask them for something which is not even answered?

Now I understand, why you wrote:

and also contacted Google for Google Nest Hub.

The main problem on Google’s side is that the Google Nest Hub has this “screensaver” modus which can’t be turned off.

Roon has the problem, they did not add Google Nest Hub to ROON Ready or ROON Tested.


Ticket opened and what’s the answer?

You need to contact Google.


They pick and choose what they add as feature requests but it’s not all based on users here the majority of Roon users don’t use the forum at all. 114 isn’t very much in the grand scheme of things. They also don’t necessarily comment on future features until they are more or less ready for release. They got burned early on for not delivering in a timely fashion so their roadmap is not public.

ok thx. but that’s not a good idea.

in the web you don’t read really good stuff about client support etc.

anyway. I’ve contacted Google and wrote here in the forum…and sad to be said, but nothing will happen.

Until the next asks etc etc.

Sad because from a company, which asks not a small amount, i’m expecting a little bit more. Basically the whole support is based here on you all…and you are all doing a great job, really…but as soon future requests are asked i would expect that at least, someone monitors what’s entering as a request and answer it.

the Google Nest Hub request was opened in May 2020…any answers on that? Or updates? No. Only forum members, telling that the gave up and so on. I hope you understand, that on that case, as a client (which i am, like you and other) thats not what I’m expecting.

I don’t disagree just saying how it generally is. It took 5 years or more for arc to come about after they said it was on the roadmap and they got a lot of flack for it. So they remain pretty tight lipped about stuff like this.

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That’s incorrect, it’s down the manufacturer to implement RAAT support (using Roon’s SDK) and then submit the equipment for Roon Ready certification.

Roon Tested is a little different as that’s for USB non-RAAT connected audio devices, these do not use the Roon SDK but the device still need to be submitted to Roon for testing to confirm functionality.

I appreciate your frustration, but please keep this discussion on track …

UPDATED following @Simon_Arnold3 comment.

I’m not frustrated, I’m only trying to understand why all this years with no information.

If Roon as a company, like you explained, know that a lot of people are asking for example Google Nest Hub, I would suggest that they contact them (since they had other Google Equipment Roon Tested etc - and I think they know who to contact directly)…

If I contact Google, nothing really will happen. Because it’s only me contacting them. But if the company which has this type of certification, contacts them, it’s a different kind of approach…

Like I said, nothing against all of you, or moderators or Roon itself…

It’s not just USB it’s Chromecast, Sonos, Airplay, Linn, kef streaming on older models as well as USB.