Roon and JRiver "Playing (at all) Together"

I have not been able to get Roon to play through JRiver 23 (or vice versa). The setup on Roon seems to be pretty straight forward. I have tried turning on the WDM driver in JRiver that another Roon user tried. Still nothing.

I am otherwise able to use Roon through other means – such as Airplay and via an HDMI connection to my receiver.

Getting Transport: Failed to Initialize Audio Device error message on Roon.

I am using a Roon 1.5 (build 323, 64 bit) housed on my HP 15-bs194od Laptop (8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7, 12GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive, Windows® 10 Home). My music is stored on a Western Digital PR2100 and connected via network to my laptop. My laptop is connected to the Yamaha TSR 5790 via HDMI (Audioquest Cinnamon) cable. The laptop is used only for the Roon core.

Roon and JRiver are both located on the laptop. JRiver operates without Roon via network connection to the receiver and Roon operates via HDMI connection to the receiver.

There are no other zones that I use.

I have done multiple re-boots of the computer, Roon, and the WD PR2100. Windows, Roon, and Router are all updated. I also switched out and upgraded all of the cabling.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Hello @John_Roberts,

Thanks for contacting support, while we don’t do any in-house testing with JRiver, I will try my best to can get you up and running here. My initial question is does Jriver work through any other apps on your computer, or is this behavior only exhibited through Roon? I have heard reports that the ASIO driver for JRiver may a little more stable than the WDM, do you by any chance have that as an option in Roon Audio Settings and can give that a try? Although it is not likely related can you please check to see if enabling this compatibility feature triggers any change in behavior? Located under Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel Icon next to JRiver -> Device Setup -> Advanced Settings -> Work Around Devices that Misreport Capabilities.

Please let me know your replies to the above when possible.


I have set up JRiver as a Roon Bridge PC’s default audio output and chose “Default audio device” in Roon - It works.

Advantages of JR are now available from Roon.

I have having some trouble doing what you have done.

First, under device setup for JRiver, there is no option for “work around devices that misreport capabilities.”

Under Device Settings (Advanced) I don’t get an “Event Mode” option either. It goes from “Clock Master Priority” to “Enable MQA Decoder” (which is not present in the image above) then to “Buffer Size.”

I am also unable to locate any setting which would enable Roon Bridge.

I just realized that JRiver (works fine without Roon) is connected via ethernet cable to my receiver. Roon is connected via HDMI cable. I am wondering if this has something to do with the problem I am experiencing.

By the way, I can play either through the Receiver, but at different settings (JRiver through “Server” and Roon through one of the “HDMI” settings).

JRiver does show up on Roon Audio Settings as Connected to this PC. It shows as ASIO the fact that I switched the JRiver settings to activate WDM (despite switching the JRiver settings to activate WDM).

Thanks for your help

John, I have had this working for a long time via WDM.

In JRiver, Tools->Options->Audio, make sure you have not got the"Default Audio Device" selected. You need to make sure you have selected the driver and options for your receiver. (I also cannot get it to work when “exclusive mode” is set to on in roon)

Tony –

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have changed the default audio device on JRiver to be directed to my receiver.

Unfortunately, this has not resulted in my being able to get Roon and JRiver to “play together.”

Any other suggestions?


Hello @John_Roberts,

Sorry to hear that you are still unable to get Roon and JRiver working as expected, would you be able to provide a screenshot of your device setup screen for the Jriver zone? You can find this in Roon Settings -> Audio -> Clicking the ‘cogwheel’ next to your JRiver output -> Device Setup. Please attach the screenshot to this thread so that we can take a closer look at that information displayed.


I would try and get JRiver’s WDM driver working just with windows first. Anything should be directed through JRiver like the “test” on audio setup in windows.

Once you have got that working and roon is still not working then you know that it is a roon config issue.

Non-obvious to me is: why would one want to play Roon our through JRiver? I have both, but frankly only use JRiver nowadays for its JRemote app to listen to my music library on the road and its remote library access for when staying overnight out of home.

What’s the use case you all are linking the two products together for? Thanks. JCR

I don’t know about the OP, but roon doesn’t support DLNA whereas JRiver does (e.g. chromecast). In the early days of roon there was also a view that JRiver SQ was better so more attention was paid to integration. I have the impression that use case was relatively common in old posts. It’s a bit hit and miss, some have got this working, others haven’t. My main listening system is in storage at the moment so I don’t know if the SQ differences were ever narrowed.

I haven’t got round to setting it up the other way round (JRiver → roon, is that possible?). I not only use JRiver for remote but also for box sets and “theater” mode (cycling album art).

Here are the screenshots of the JRiver Device Setup.

Thank you for any help you can provide in getting this figured out.


Hello @John_Roberts,

Thank you for providing those screenshots, they confirm that you have selected the proper JRiver device in Roon and we can rule that piece of the puzzle out. My followup question here is are you able to use any application to output to that JRiver ASIO driver? As in if you download foobar2000 and attempt to play content to JRiver that way, does it work? If it doesn’t work from foobar then it is likely an ASIO driver issue at play here and we would need to take a closer look at those drivers. Please let me know if you are able to run this test and confirm if the JRiver ASIO driver is working as expected.


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Looking at this old thread: If I get Roon to play through Jriver, will I then be able to use the Dirac VST plugin within Jriver that seems to be compatible with Jriver?

Hello @Joachim_Strobel,

We have not tested this particular configuration and are unable to guarantee support for third party virtual audio drivers.


How did you get jriver to show up on your roon ,i updated my jriver to 32 and now its gone so there is noway to enable it in roon, I still think jriver through roon sound quality is the best

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