Roon and TIDAL Family

@support: I’m new to Roon and thinking about a TIDAL HiFi account. I have one core and several outputs through the home. My wife and I do listen simultaneously to different tracks at different outputs (zones?).

Given this setup, do I need a TIDAL family HiFi plan with Roon? If yes, then will Roon automatically detect the family plan and enable multiple simultaneous TIDAL streams?

Thank you.

Hello @Kuryan_Thomas,

One TIDAL HiFi account should be sufficient for your setup in this case. I have just tried to play different TIDAL content across my 5 zones and it is working just fine. There may be a limit on zones from TIDAL’s end but I have not been able to reach that limit using my setup.

TIDAL also offers a free trial for HiFi so if you have more than 5 zones and want to confirm it can work on all of them at the same time, I suggest you take the trial for a spin, it should have the same limitations after you become a TIDAL subscriber.

One issue that I have run across before is using that same TIDAL account for multiple devices outside of Roon. Example – I could not play TIDAL simultaneously on my iPad and iPhone using the TIDAL app while on the go. At this time, Roon only allows one TIDAL account per Roon Core, so having a family plan will neither help nor hurt, but if you use TIDAL on the go and stream to more than just one device at the same time using the TIDAL app, it may be worthwhile. I hope this helps but just let me know if you have any other questions!


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