Roon and Volume Control - Ropiee and Topping D90 MQA

I have Tidal with Roon Core and it is streaming to Bluesound Node 2i to get a full MQA unfolding. I have the Node 2i set to variable volume, so I can adjust volume from the Roon App.

I am planning on upgrading my DAC to Topping D90 MQA and use Ropiee on a Rasberry Pi4 as a Roon Bridge with USB connection to D90.

The D90 has a preamp, but it is not as good as the DAC part, so my plan was to disable the PreAmp part and use it just as a DAC.

Is Roon able to do volume adjustment with Ropiee Roon Bridge and D90 in DAC mode? If it is, is there an affect on Audio Quality?

You would need to use Roons DSP volume which is not lossless but you may not notice.

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Does that Roon DSP appear depending on your end point? My Node 2i does not show Roon DSP as an option. Only Device Volume or Fixed Volume.

You enable it instead of fixed or device volume.

I do not have that DSP as an option.

Rasberry Pi4 as a Roon Bridge probably will have this volume adjustment option. I use a Raspberry Pi4 with HifiBerry Digi+ Pro Hat / Ropieee that will allow the DSP volume control. If you intend to use USB you might consider the Allo USBridge that has an audio optimized USB output.

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Likely because the Node 2 already offers DSP volume control via it’s own volume it’s redundant. It will be available for any USB connected DAC.

you might also read other user’s experience at Topping D90 with Ropieee endpoint

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