Roon app orientation on the new 2017 12.9 inch iPad Pro [Answered awaiting next build]

Got myself the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro yesterday at launch.

The Roon app is stuck on landscape mode, and does not rotate to portrait no matter what I do. Everything else rotates fine on this iPad, other apps, Safari and so on.

I also uninstalled the Roon app and reinstalled. Same problem.

At this point, I have ran out of ideas. Thoughts?

Wild guess, have you checked for updates for the iOS?

Yep. Brand new iPad [Pro 12.9] . Updated to most recent iOS 10.3.2 at setup.

No issues on my old iPad [Pro 12.9], and my iPhone

Was the iPad a 12.5 pro? No other iOS device can do portrait?


No. It is the older iPad [Pro], 9.5" 12.9" which does both portrait and landscape.

The only one that is stuck on landscape is my new 12.9" iPad Pro

Ok, I’m confused, the iPhone has always been portrait and will not do landscape, I have a 9.7 iPad Air and have never got landscape to work and as far as I was aware no 9.7 inch iPad could, have a read of this thread Danny explains why.


Right. The 9.7" iPads cannot be used in portrait orientation with Roon (which I think is what you meant). I have a 9.7" Pro, and that definitely doesn’t work in portrait mode with Roon.

You should be able to use the 12.9" iPad Pro in portrait mode. If it isn’t working that way, check to make sure that the orientation lock isn’t turned on.

I don’t know whether the 10.5" iPad Pro — that’s a new size — can be used in portrait mode with Roon. I’m guessing not, but we should know definitely very soon.

Edit: Changed 9.5" to 9.7". Too many sizes.

You are confused, 9.7" iPads are Landscape only.

My guess about the new Pro not working: The Roon App doesn’t know the how to display to the new model (A1670/71), might need an update. Just a guess.

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Sorry guys. My new iPad is the 12.9" Pro. My old iPad was also 12.9", the first generation from 2015. It did both portrait and landscape no problem. The new one is stuck on landscape only, and does not rotate

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Ok, thanks for clearing that up. :slight_smile:

Anybody experiencing this with the new 12.9" iPad Pro ?

They should not be any different for Roon:

The screen on the new 12.9-inch Pro has the same size, resolution and pixel density as the 2015 model (12.9 inches, 2,732 x 2,048, 264 pixels per inch) but gets a bump to its refresh rate and the ability to adjust this refresh rate dynamically, in an update Apple calls ProMotion.

It’s a 120Hz display, compared to 60Hz last time around: in other words, it can process twice as many frames per second, for smoother gameplay and improved interaction with the Apple Pencil.

This will need an update… New model number :frowning:

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And what about the new 10.5" iPad Pro?
Portrait mode compatible - eventually? If so a time frame?e

Aha! Thanks! I thought it was just me.

the 10.5" works landscape right? that’s all it’s going to do. see here:

the 12.9" can do both, but we need to do it by ipad internal model number… and they just released new hardware and changed the internal model number, so the ode just needs to be reflected to deal with that.

they don’t tell developers what the new model numbers will be, so its impossible to fix before release.

You probably know this, but the model number on my new iPad Pro 12.9" (2nd gen, 2017) is Model: MP6H2LL/A

the information I needed is this:

Internal Name: iPad7,1, iPad7,2

anyway, change has been made and it needs too get tested, built, and then sent to apple app store for approval. it’s coming… can tell you when.

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Any news on this? Having everything on Landscape on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" is driving me crazy…

@mike will know… mike?

We’re working on it. Hard to give a firm time frame until QA is finished and signs off on the release, but as soon as that happens the update will go into Apple’s approval process, then out to you guys.

Very little additional work to do at this point so it should be soon, but I’ve learned that as soon as I commit to a date, there will be a complication, so for now I say “soon” :slight_smile:

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