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I have a Roon core at home and I have been using arc when outside lately. No problems there.

Also, I have a second home and I would like to not have to take with me and install my Roon core in that network every time I want to listen to music there.

Does anyone know if it is possible to use Roon Arc to stream Roon content to a Roon ready endpoint (active speaker, etc) that is not part of the same home network as the Roon core?

Alternatively, I am able to connect remotely - VPN to my home network and access my Roon core remotely. Will Roon see my endpoints at a second location/network?

Pretty much, what I am trying to do is to use Roon at two location via Arc, VPN or a combination of both. At home connected to my Roon core and at a second location remotely.

Thanks for any advice.


Roon ARC streams to a phone or tablet. You can connect a USB DAC and go from there.

You can stream from your phone using bluetooth, assuming your active speakers have a bluetooth input (You can pick up a bluetooth transmitter/receiver on Amazon if required).
Obviously you’ll need a generous data allowance as well.

Only if there’s no wifi available at the second home - in most cases you’re not using your mobile network provider, but your ISP at the second home…

There is wifi at the second location.
Then, will Roon Arc see a Roon ready speaker at a second location and be able to stream to it as if it wold be a Roon endpoint at home?

Keeping in mind that that second location has its own wifi and the Roon ready active speakers will be in that network and not in the same one as the Roon core (at home).


No. That function is not in version 1 of Roon ARC.

Vote for the feature suggestion here:

No, I don’t think so. Use USB out to your system.

Then, will it be AirPlay the only way to stream from arc to an Roon ready active speaker in a second wifi network, different from the one where the Roon core is connected?

Don’t know - I don’t use AirPlay. Perhaps someone else can chime in?

I think VPN is the way to go here. ARC is brand-new, and not designed for this usage. You should be able to set up a VPN in which all the endpoints at both locations are all on one big LAN.

I do not think you can stream from Roon ARC to any AirPlay device, at least not yet now.

I think you probably can. AirPlay is an Apple thing and works on your iPhone. I don’t think it cares where the music is coming from. But, I could be wrong.

I’m sitting here now, away from home, streaming lossless 24/96 wired to my Mojo 2 and Focal Clear.

In summary, Arc would be the equivalent of a Walkman for Roon at this point. However, decentralized lossless streaming, same with CarPlay/android auto, to name a few are actually the main issues-pain points affecting potential and current Roon users/subscribers.

An oversight on my part, I never use wifi away from home…:roll_eyes:

You can indeed stream to AirPlay devices from ARC, at least from an iPhone running iOS 16. Once play is established via the phone speaker go to the lock screen and you should see the now playing notification box which should include the Airplay icon on the right hand side. Clicking on that should bring up a list of the devices which your iPhone finds on the local wifi network.


Roon endpoints not yet but I can see that being an evolution at some point to be able to cast to one using some system. You can currently use system AirPlay or Chromecast from a phone or tablet and stream to streamer or speakers that support it.

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Yes as it’s from the phone to the device. Works great. You phone just needs to be on the same network as it obviously. I will be annoying my friends and family now I can stream away from home.

That’s a good workaround for someone who wants to cast music from Roon ARC in the absence of native Roon ARC airplay function.

“Also, I have a second home and I would like to not have to take with me and install my Roon core in that network every time I want to listen to music there.”

I have the same situation. So I keep a Mac mini in each place running Roon, and carry a big (capacity) USB/Thunderbolt SSD from home to away, updating the music in away as needed. Then Roon lets you transfer the license form home For to away Core. For short stays, don’t bother updating the music…


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