Roon Arc app crashes on google pixel 6 with GrapheneOS [Roon Investigating]

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

set up through router worked out

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Arc app crashes on Google Pixel 6Pro with GrapheneOs
blusound node

Number of Tracks in Library

larger than 30 000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon Arc app crashes on google pixel 6 with graphen os when I want to play music, otherwise my library and the roon interface shows up.

Can confirm same issue with Pixel 6 and GrapheneOS (Roon core on Docker)


A GapheneOs guy on Twitter helped me around:

@MetrOpl3x wrote:

"Have you tried going to RoonArc ‘App Info’, toggling on Exploit Protection Compatibility Mode & trying again? If it works the OS security improvements likely revealed a memory corruption issue.

Let me know how you get on."

Now the app works and I am quite happy about that.


A message to the Roon support.
GrapheneOs is focused on privacy issues and security in Android. One of the GrapheneOs guys suggested that RoonArc could have a memory corruption issue, that means it could be a security risk for the phone. I ask you to look into it. Myself, I have no idea about these software matters, I just like to protect my privacy while being online.

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Thank you, this workaround also worked for me (Grapheneos on Pixel 6a)!


Thanks for posting the work around - happy to report all working for me now. Also good to know about the ‘Exploit Protection Compatibility Mode’ setting per app in GrapheneOS.

Will be interesting if any feedback from the Roon Devs regarding the possible memory corruption issue on starting playback in the app.

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Quote: " I’ve moved your post to #tinkering since GrapheneOS isn’t a supported platform."

Hey @Zoltan_Jokay,

I hope that all is well with the workaround at the moment. We understand some users may wish to run Graphene for privacy/security reasons on their Pixel phones.

While compatibility with open-source or third-party Android operating systems like Graphene is not a supported feature with the initial release of ARC, we’ll absolutely investigate any potential for a memory corruption issue. We’ve opened a ticket with our Dev team and will post the progress of that investigation here.

Please let us know if you encounter any related or new issues.


Thanks for your reply. I am just on a train and using your new app. No more problems here. I cant believe that I can carry around all my music now just in my pocket. Best, Zoltán

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Same problem using Pixel 5A with GrapheneOS. Enabling “Exploit Protection Compatibility Mode” also worked for me.

On a different note, my Roon ARC still connects with my Roon Core even though the “Test” Roon Arc settings says it’s not possible.

Nevermind, it’s just cause Roon ARC sees my local network. It does not work remotely :clown_face:

I’m still having errors with Roon ARC and with Roon, while on GrapheneOS. Is anyone successfully using either of the apps without hangups?

Did you enable
"Exploit Protection Compatibility Mode”.
This made Roon Arc work for me, for downloaded music.
Because I am with Vodafone Germany, streaming doesn’t work for me.

I did enable that. Errors still arise. I’ll take a picture of the error I am getting and post it here.