Roon Arc App not starting on Samsung S22 SM-S901B/DS Android 13

Roon Core accessible by Roon Arc
Fine with Roon Arc App 1.0(111) installed on a Samsung SM-G960F9 Android 10
Fine with Roon Arc App 1.0(111) installed on a Samsung SM-T830 Android 10
Does NOT start (no login) withRoon ArcApp 1.0.29 installed on a Samsung SM-S901B/DS Android 13

Hi @Catello_Vitiello
Any antivirus protection software active on the Samsung SM-S901B/DS?

No antivirus

All three phones with the same mobile provider?

Yes, the same provider

Then I suggest trying this:
Uninstall ARC, reboot the Samsung SM-S901B and your core machine, then reinstall ARC.

I tried but no result…
App freezes before asking for username and password.

Then, unfortunately, the only thing that comes to mind is this:

Experience with my previous Galaxy.
With my current one, also Android 13, no issues at all with ARC.

Thanks @Axel_Lesch,
it was the first setup of the phone with all new installations (no Smart Switch).
Resetting it and installing apps, account, settings is a very hard work.
I think I’ll wait for a fix from Samsung or from Roon…

Yes I understand.
However, my previous Note 10+ received three Samsung updates and two updates from Roon without changing anything.

I myself was surprised how easy it was, much easier and faster than I thought.

But I understand you very well. I only did the factory reset because I had enough and didn’t want to keep that phone anymore. I never thought it would solve all those problems. And that up to now.


Suddenly same issue here, Roon ARC worked fine before, but today it crashed during playback and did not start again. It’s stuck In the Arc-logo.

I tried booting the phone and reinstalling the app, but it did not help.

Phone: OnePlus 9, Android 13.

So maybe it’s a different case here @support

:thinking: Without any visible reason, no upgrade of the app, no upgrade of Android, no reboot of the phone, no changes in my network, this morning, reinstalling the app, everything is fine! :exploding_head:
:partying_face: Hope no further changes :sunglasses:
Happy new year!

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I hope it stays this way.
Happy new year and enjoy!

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