Roon ARC + Carplay: Share your thoughts and road listening adventures here!

Share your Roon ARC & CarPlay thoughts, questions, and adventures here!



Just wanted to thank the development team for this new release.
For me ARC worked flawlessly with Carplay on my way to work this morning and it really improves user experience.

Great job guys!


So……where is it?
I’ve opened CarPlay in my Audi and it’s not there, I’ve gone to customise CarPlay on my iPhone and there’s no sign of it and no option to add it

Looks like I need help

Thanks in advance

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Ive only one comment, its brilliant, thanks!


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hi. Using Arc and, its great.

But I think its running a little slower,
now its coming from the Nuc I recently built.

Compared to when I had core running through my pc?

Has anyone got details on hardware requirements,
for ARC playback?

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CarPlay worked great today! The only place outside home, where I listen to my own music, is my car. So obviously CarPlay is a welcomed function. It’s also safer to control music through CarPlay than to pick up the phone in car. It’s also illegal in Finland to use the phone while driving.

So thank you, this is one of the best additions to Roon and ARC.


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I have a question: can any car radio that has Android make use of Roon Arc through the Android Auto app? I have an older car, so I would need to buy a compatible car radio. I’m looking at the KENWOOD DMX125DAB as one of the cheapest alternatives. It sure would be great to have access to Roon on the road!

Will the Android rollout be for Android Auto or Android Auto OS, or both?

Hi. CarPlay works. Perfect. But…… hoe can I set only my favorit albums.? I can’t see the hart…and put it on.

Thanks Jeroen

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Android Auto

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This feature isn’t currently included, however it’s a good idea. We will be making improvements over time, so thanks for your feedback.


Any head unit which supports Android Auto would support ARC’s accompanying app.

I’m not a pro on aftermarket head units, but the one you’ve linked to seems to just support “Android mirroring” which would just copy your phone’s display onto the head unit.

Android Auto is a separate OS which contains apps specifically designed to work well in the car. You will need a head unit which explicitly supports that.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Assuming you’ve verified you have the latest app from the app store?

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So it’s for AAOS which will be available next week?

Not working at all for me. iPhone connected via USB. Shows up on CarPlay. Will show me playlists and artists etc. but won’t play anything. Says “poor connection” when I am seeing 5 bars 5G in CarPlay. I guess it probably means poor connection to the core. I can play Radio Paradise no problem. So I do.


For me ARC worked flawlessly with Carplay. My IPhone is connected via wlan/Bluetooth to my car.

Thanks a lot.

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I tried it during my lunch break and could not get it to play anything. I was able to open the app within carplay, browse my library and playlists, but could not get it to play at all. My error message indicated a poor signal but according to the signal strength on my car, I was receiving 5g+ with 5 full bars of strength.