Roon ARC + Carplay: Share your thoughts and road listening adventures here!



Same problem for me.

I tried Car Play ARC for the first time today. Man, is this thing sweet! My wife was in the car and called it “Science Fiction”.


Suggestions for further work:
Allow a search for an artist. If I want to play ZZ Top, I need to page thru many, many pages.
If that’s not doable, present a screen where you can select the first letter of the artist name.

Thanks again!


Works like a dream. Thank you!

Siri support for search and likes?

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Sucks without shuffle library


Seconded! An A-Z and/or search function is needed. Otherwise, it’s fantastic!


First - thanks a lot for adding CarPlay to ARC :metal:
It works great most of the time in my BMW via BT. The only problem with which I still struggle is, that when I enter my car and CarPlay is starting, the phone is still connected to the WIFI of my house. When I leave my garage and the iPhone is switching to the mobile network, the app is freezing. The only option to solve this issue is to close the app on the phone and re-open it, which is a little bit tricky while driving.

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Your phone should take over the mobile network once out of reach wifi range.
That’s what’s happening when I walk away from home.

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Well it’s actually hanging for a lot of us recently when it never used to. This started before this update.

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Thanks Roland - this is exactly the behavior when I walk from home and my phone is switching from wifi to cellular. Unfortunately this does not work when my phone is connected to CarPlay and the ARC app is running via CarPlay. It’s kind of strange, but I had this problem also before the official CarPlay integration, when I was using the “Now Playing” function as workaround.

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For those having issues, double check that your core and arc app are on the latest version and then if still not working go into arc > settings and reset arc.

At first I wasn’t able to see the arc CarPlay app. Once I updated versions (which I thought it had already done) I could see it. But then I was getting the poor connection error and my content was not loading and wouldn’t play. After resetting arc it all worked perfectly.


Works great on my Alpine ILX-207 head unit! Thanks so much!

What ARC needs now, both in CarPlay and the phone interface, is the ability to play from bookmarks. I’d love to be able to create a saved (bookmarked) search (e.g., favorited tracks tagged as “driving music” that haven’t been played in the last 3 months) and then start playback on ARC in my car. Currently, I have to make a (static) playlist copy of the bookmarked track list in order to enjoy it in ARC.


CarPlay works well but I was surprised to see no Siri support for Roon ARC. Siri support is an absolute necessity while driving.


Thanks, Michael, for clarifying the difference between Android and Android Auto. I’m not sure what a “head unit” is, though. I am not a native speaker, but I assume it is the device that does navigation, radio, telephone and al that in modern cars? So, I guess I’ll wait for my car to break down and I’ll have to buy a new one that has all these gizmos…

perhaps I’m missing something here, but since its inception, I’ve been able to see ARC in the CarPlay screen in my vehicle, and could control it (stop/play/skip) from the vehicle’s controls. I could not navigate the app in any way, except by picking up the phone.

that remains the case today; and ARC does not appear in the CarPlay settings of iOS, so there’s no way to invoke it except by picking up the phone.

perhaps I’m missing something?

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I had the latest version installed and was looking forward to using it today, but … it hung on "Loading… " forever. I tried exiting, restarting, etc., with no success.

When I stopped driving, I checked out ARC on my phone and it was showing the instructions for the new download from TestFlight (i.e., how to send feedback, starting using, etc.). Haven’t had a chance to test since then, but wonder if that’s why it wouldn’t load in the car? If so, that should be a use case that should be captured and corrected (i.e., it should go ahead and load the interface in the car even if the app has not been launched yet on the host phone).

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For me, music playback works and navigation does work as well. The issue I have is that ARC is not showing any album / playlist art. It’s all just a bunch of dark rectangles all over the app. When I exit to the main CarPlay screen, the artwork shown is of the last album I played, but even that gets lost while navigating inside the app.


Did you have any issues with the Now Playing screen not working/showing properly?

That is the only issue I’m having. When an album or track is playing, my screen just shows the track list. Tapping the Now Playing icon in the top right corner doesn’t do anything. Normally, it will show what’s currently playing details along with album art. So if I’m playing an album or playlist I’m not familiar with, I have no way of knowing what track is playing.

To be clear, ARC worked in my car via iPhone even before full CarPlay integration; with full control too. You could not have seen it on your CarPlay screen because it wasn’t supported until now.

Anyway, make sure you have downloaded the most recent version of ARC to your iPhone. Then, go to Settings>General>CarPlay>MY CAR “Name”>Customize. There you will find “ARC” in the list of Apps available. Just tap the “+” button to include it in your list and it will be available in CarPlay.

Hope this helps.

Same here. You are referring to the “Now Playing” screen. That’s not working for me either. All I see is the track list, whether it’s an album or playlist. If I tap the “Now Playing” icon at the top right, nothing happens. There’s no way to see or know what is currently playing.

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