Roon ARC + Carplay: Share your thoughts and road listening adventures here!

The Now Playing screen appeared for about 2 minutes before disappearing when I tried it out the other day. I’m having the same issue as Marcus

Congrats & a big thank you for the new release of Arc. It’s Roon-In-A-Box, my whole library, suggestions, new releases, daily mixes, etc. all on my car’s display. Woow!

It’s stable. Pretty quick. With a well designed and pretty UI.

A real treat. No more apple music as long as I can use my local data plan.

For the rare occasion when I’m travelling and can’t use my local data plan, it would be great Tidal behaves a little more open to their partner & customer-ecosystem and allow Roon to use the same tech their own mobile app that does support off-line. Hint Hint :slight_smile: That would mean the end of my Apple Music subscription and the pain of syncing both libraries for all the new content Roon proposes me.

Really, really, really, really need a screen that shows “A-Z” intermediate to showing the artist/album lists. Scrolling is slow and distracting, and in my case stopped working halfway through my artists list.

ARC is great, but I miss the option of Roon radio from the Ui. Still need to open the phone, delete the queue for radio to start from the song playing atm.

Thank you for the nice CarPlay, but I need the artwork!

No artwork at all:

iPhone 13 mini
Audi S5 Sportback 2018


there is a slight delay on mine

Same here!

IPhone 13 Pro
Kia Soul EV 2022

Depends on the transcoding you’ve selected, it will be the exact same quality as if ARC was not plugged in.

The default setting is “automatically pick best quality” which plays bandwidth optimized on mobile data and original format on Wifi.

in my experience, this happens on the initial startup of the app each day. if I park, then come back and reconnect, things work much better.

As I stated here 5 days ago, ARC is/was working smoothly - till this afternoon. All of a sudden the connection with the core broke down… Back home, much to my surprise, Roon had lost the ability to forward a port for the connection… Only change is a software update on the iPhone with the ARC app. I forwarded a port manually and all is good again; but any ideas why this “degradation” took place???
I have not installed the early access update of Roon or ARC as announced yesterday here on the forums…

Hey @Gadnoz_Seek,

I’m sorry to hear that you experienced a hiccup with ARC. I’m not sure what the cause may have been but I’m happy to hear that it’s up and running for you again. The best move when you hit a snag is to see if a solution has been posted in a similar issue report in the support threads.

If you don’t see a similar issue report, start a new support thread and be sure to fill out the setup details template with as much detail as possible. Thanks!

I’ve been very pleased with the performance of Roon ARC+CarPlay in my Audi e-tron GT. SQ is excellent, and while the home screen and features aren’t quite as complete as I hope they will eventually be, it is quite easy to use. Three items are, for me, worth specifically noting: (1) I have noticed that when I leave my car and return to it, Roon ARC seems to have forgotten where we left off. It will show recently played albums (correctly), but I have to manually return to the track I was actually listening to. (2) Lack of shuffle in album view is also a miss for me. (3) Although I constructed a very specific playlist for Roon ARC, it somehow has missed this playlist and instead has picked up some old playlists that were actually deleted from my desktop Roon app. Weird.

Despite being very happy with it overall, I have closed off port forwarding to my Nucleus+. Ever since getting CarPlay going, my home firewall has been (successfully) blocking repeated TLS Heartbleed Attacks against my Nucleus+. Until I get a chance to look at the logs, I don’t feel safe leaving the necessary ports open for Roon ARC.

I cannot imagine how or why these attacks are coincident with the activation of CarPlay, but that is exactly when they started.

I used it at the weekend on a 2018 BMW Wireless CarPlay and loved it.

I usually just play local lossless flac files off of a 256GB USB key plugged in to the car, but wanted to listen to a newly purchased album that I had not yet copied over.

Q: As I have ARC set to stream in lossless CD quality, do you know if the Apple CarPlay protocol allows lossless transfer of the audio stream from the phone to the car’s audio? I read the CarPlay interface spec, but didn’t see it detailed.

My assumption is that CarPlay audio streamed from the host phone does not use Bluetooth.


Hard to search albums or artists I have too many. A-Z search or voice search would help.

Had a strange issue where the complete album list for a artist did not show up maybe half the albums

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I wish the tags in Roon for playlists and selected albums are present as well in ARC and in the CarPlay ARC !!! This would be helpful for browsing :wink:

Depends on your iPhones connection to your CarPlay device, read this: Wireless Carplay Audio Quality - Is the sound quality great?

Agree resetting or reinstalling seems to help with dropouts too. Seems there is a resource cache or memory leak that makes performance get worse and worse over time. Would be nice if that could be addressed because when it works if is great.

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Arc is unusable for me at this time. Same as the Qobuz app via CarPlay too. All software up to date using IPhone 13 Pro in a 2022 Kia Soul EV.

Drove 8 hours yesterday with 500+ song playlist (all hi-res) on iPhone XS Max set for Offline.
Wired via USB to Carplay in 2018 Chevy.
Many stops and music was usually waiting where it left off after getting on road again.

Would like to see album art (cover) on Carplay screen when playing music. I can see all cover art is on phone but not getting passed to Carplay, at least in my case.

Using it for working in the South of England and Wales. Works fine in my 4 year old Skoda and 5 year old IPhone. Just using it for different playlists at present as I gather more will be available in time as per Room Radio etc?

Only cut out a few times in North Devon at the bottom of a valley in thick fog so really impressed so far as most things don’t work in the bottom of this valley when the sun shines.

Thanks Roon, purchased a life on the back of it. I will try not to die in the next 6 years to make it financially viable.

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