ROON ARC Data is outdated compared to Core

Firstly, thanks for implementing ARC, a much needed upgrade. I understand it is early days and no doubt some bugs to work out, but…

When I look at the data displayed in ARC compered to the Core, things such as MOST played Albums and Artists, it is like I am looking at data from around 4 months ago.

It is as if, ARC is not looking at the latest database, but one from a few months ago if that makes sense?

However if I look at most played tracks, it is the same as my Core data, very odd…

They are the same for me, you sure you don’t have a filter or focus on?

No, no filters at all.

Same for me as well.

Hi Steve,

I’m going to move this to Support as they may want to investigate.


Ah I am not alone, good. I have double checked again today, and can confirm that no filters are in play here, the data is most definitely wrong in ARC.

Hey @Steve_Lees,

Please try resetting arc via your arc settings and let me know if you experience the same issue :+1:

Sorry I have been away on a holiday. I have reset RC and set it up again, same result.

Could it be a result of ARC not using results for ALL versions of an album?

Hey @Steve_Lees,

Thanks for the update. At first glance, this could be some sort of network filter, where it’s only refreshing certain areas of Arc for you.

If possible, can you share a few screenshots of this issue? With that, can you provide more detail into things that aren’t updating properly vs things that are updating properly?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :pray:

Benjamin, I have attached six screen shots, three off Roon Desktop and three off Roon ARC. Albums and Artists are both different, Tracks however are the same.

In looking at other areas for discrepancies, such as Most Played Composers, I can confirm it is totally wrong on both Roon Core and ARC. Not only is the data different, but totally wrong in either case. In the case of Roon Core, it matters not if I show the list in ascending or descending order, the result is the same data.

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Seeing as how the original topic was closed with NO resolution, I have opened this new topic.

I totally rebuilt my ROON setup yesterday. A new computer with a fresh ROON setup, with music files on new SSDs etc. After getting that setup, I removed ARC from my Android phone, and reinstalled it, set it to connect to the new ROON CORE, and the exact same errors occur.

The list of MOST PLAYED albums in ARC is different to that on ROON CORE…

It was auto closed 45 days after last reply… I’ve reopened and merged topics.

Let me tag @benjamin it seems this has slipped off his to follow up list.


Maybe Roon ARC would work better if they stripped away all the fluff and just let us see and play our library of music files. I don’t need or want any of that when walking my dog or driving my car.

Nooo! That would remove most of what I want from ARC and playing some music really doesn’t need ARC. I want more fluff in fact (editing). My use is on long journeys, like trains, never when taking a walk or driving. :slight_smile:

Just needs time to shake out the bugs

Hi @Steve_Lees,

Over the last several months, we’ve made significant strides in both the frequency and reliability of Core sync with ARC. I’m curious if you’re still seeing any delay in Recently Added, Recently Played, etc. in ARC at this point. We’ll promptly investigate diagnostics to resolve the issue if so.

Hello Conner,

In the last few months I too have made many changes to my Roon Setup. I bought an entirely new Intel NUC Extreme 9, fitted it with 3 x SSDs and moved my Roon Library over to this new machine. All works great…at home.

However, Roon ARC is still showing outdated lists compared to the Roon core. ie: Most played albums and artists etc, are all wrong on ARC compared to Core, sorry to say.

Hi @Steve_Lees,

The team is eager to investigate this report and provide steps to try to remedy the mismatch. Are you able to provide an example screenshot from ARC/Roon so we have a few tracks to pinpoint what’s happening in logs?

Thank you!