Roon ARC for Android Automotive Operating System (as in Volvo, Lucid, Renault and few other cars)

hi, I have a Volvo car that has google’s AAOS (which is Android like Operating System for infotainment in the car). Subset of Android apps run on it today. E.g. Spotify and Tidal.
I use Tidal when in the car and car is always connected and that is how I stream music.

However, at home I use Roon and would love to have Roon ARC for AAOS.

Could anyone from RoonLabs confirm if they have it in plans.

Tidal app is not terribly bad but as most of folks here know if you use Roon at home but have to use Tidal on the phone or in the car it makes you spend more time with those apps rather then Roon (playlists etc etc). Now for mobile phone and Roon ARC with Car Play that is okeyish but I would simply love if there was native app for my car.

Thanks in advance !!!

Er, isn’t this “Android Auto”? In which case, it’s already supported in the Early Access track, and should be coming to the Production track very soon…

No it isn’t. See here for more information:

Ah, OK, thanks…

I own a Polestar 2 which is also running AAOS and I cannot use the Android app for that reason. Having a port to AAOS would be highly appreciated.

Hi. Will it be available for the Android Automotive Operating System?

Welcome to the forum. There is a feature suggestion section where you find this and can vote for it: