Roon Arc not displaying complete album even when checking version

When you add a song from an album to your library you can no longer see the remaining songs.

Checked the versions and this is still the case. Any ideas?

Same issue as this post Arc won’t show complete albums - #3 by Magracias

Issue still persists, limiting the utility of Arc

Bump - any solution to this simple problem?

Hi @Lac_Le,

There is a FLAC 44.1kHz 16bit version of Group Therapy 507 with 29 available tracks from Tidal listed in the screenshot you shared on Jan 20. Does that version not display 29 tracks when you are 1) connected reliably and 2) signed into Tidal in Roon?

Hi there. That is correct.

Confirming I am on a good connection and everything works except for this album thing.

  1. I can see the whole album before adding it to the library
  2. I add a single song to the library and the other songs disappear
  3. I cannot see the whole album again until I remove the song added in step 2
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Hey, @Lac_Le:

We’re you able to find a solution? Do you still have access to the “versions” tab? It seems to have disappeared.

@connor, please see the screenshot below showing the missing tab and the single available song. If a song is not in my collection, I can see the entire contents of the album. Otherwise, I get this.

Any idea what’s going on?



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No I haven’t had a resolution to this yet. I ended up adding whole albums to my library (which isn’t ideal). Hopefully, they’ll fix this soon but I’m not holding my breath.

Curses! I guess it’s just something else to consider.
Thanks for responding.

Be well.

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