Roon arc offline downloads cannot be accessed?

So I had 60GB worth of offline download on ARC. Now you can’t see the tracks associated with the albums after the new update.

Also since my a I have T mobile home Internet Roon arc cannot work outside of the home. It’s already been confirmed. I thought offline would solve this problem for me but it seems like it doesn’t work as well as I thought it would.

My core is a 2014 Mac mini with an SSD. Running Roon server.

It would be really helpful if you provided a little more detail. If you navigate to Library > Downloads in the ARC app, are no albums listed? If so, did you uninstall / reinstall ARC?

Regarding access outside the home, ARC will not work if it isn’t set up correct, e.g. if your ISP uses carrier-grade NAT. However, you may want to try switching your phone to Airplane mode when using offline content.

When you go to downloads you see the albums but when you click no tracks load. They did before but no longer load. Yeah will reinstalling arc delete all my content?

Yeah I haven’t switched my phone to airplane mode yet.

Yes, it will.

Please provide screenshots from Library > Downloads, and for any downloaded album.

See it would look like this. Until I turn on my core again.

Your core needs to be powered on, or your mobile switched to Airplane mode to use downloaded content. Nonetheless, I would expect to tracks listed, even if there is no artwork, when ARC cannot access the core

Can you power on the core? It is possible that the downloads hadn’t completed or ARC hasn’t taken on all the metadata.

The downloads used to work on a previous update. So that means I cannot use them outside of the home? My Arc can’t work cause of my network being CG-NAT. So even if I leave it on I don’t think I will get any access.

There were several reports of downloads becoming corrupted or inaccessible in ARC offline mode, there seems to be a bug. E.g.,

Though this seems to be fixed at least in part. Make sure you have the lasted ARC update on the regular production update channel, ARC 1.0.8 (build 111). It may help to let your ARC resync on the local network.

If this does not help, resetting ARC or installing reinstalling it may be necessary. Yes, this will delete your downloads. I would give ARC a bit more time to stabilize and shake out the bugs before downloading 60GB to it.

Yeah I may have to reset everything. That’s gonna definitely take time to do. I also tried airplane mode and had no luck there.

Hey @Abrahams_Bogere,

Thanks for your patience while we work through each thread. Following up on this, are you still running into issues on the latest release of Arc?

To confirm, they are local files you’ve added to Arc, not tracks from Tidal or Qobuz?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :pray:

Lately I haven’t used the offline as much. Yes they were local library tracks I was referring to.

I decided to use a VPN to be able to connect to ARC. It’s been able to work well.

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