B103 ARC tracks missing in offline mode for downloaded albums [Tentatively Resolved]

When in offline mode, tracks are not available for downloaded albums.

Disable offline mode make the tracks pop up; I can then go back to offline mode. This problem seems to come back for each new version.

Didn’t notice this after previous updates, but can confirm it for this time on my phone, Android

Confirmed for Android 11 / Fairphone 4.

EDIT. I also just found that from my tiny collection of 12 downloaded albums, all downloaded within the last 24 hours, only 4 actually play.

Once they play, the tracks will start to show on the album page in downloads. (for these 4 albums only, of course)

Hmm. This feels rather unready for early access (even for beta or alpha tbo). Or my setup is somehow very strange. Doubt it.

Hi, all!

Could you, please, tell me if you remember whether you backgrounded the app while downloading content affected by this issue? Am I getting it right that you downloaded albums affected by this issue using the latest #103 build or previously downloaded items are affected as well?



probably yes

Pretty sure that the 12 albums mentioned, now 14, were all downloaded on 103.

When I posted above, some albums (4) actually played when offline and after hitting play tracks would show. Now, none of the albums show tracks anymore, and none play.

Also after exiting offline mode, a ‘swipe down’ refresh resulted in an unending purple ‘tickertape bar’ at the top, presumable telling me ARC fails to sync? after closing and restarting ARC without further intervention it appears happy to sync with the core again.

I subsequently, just now, tried this.

While online, I navigated to Downloads and selected in succession three of the albums, without playing them. The tracks showed. I then went offline again, navigated to Downloads and opened in succession all 14 Albums. The three that had been opened while online: show the tracks in offline mode (the others do not). The three that had been opened while online: play in offline mode (the others do not).

I exited offline mode again. As before syncing failed, with after 20 seconds or so a “can’t connect to your core” message. I closed and reopened ARC, it synced ok again.
I then downloaded one more album without backgrounding, and without playing it, and activated offline mode after download completed. It shows up with all tracks and plays fine in offline mode. For now. There is hope …

But on exiting offline mode … ‘poor connection’ again. Let’s close the app …
You get the gist :wink:


No, all albums worked fine pre upgrade of ARC… if ARC is in offline mode while upgrading, the tracks are not available anymore until you deactivate offline mode for ARC and enter each album 1 by 1. When entering the album the tracks pop up (they are not downloaded again, seems like the overview of tracks are not there). Most of these albums have been listened to multiple times with no issues pre upgrade when ARC is in offline mode.

This is not a new problem, been like this for a while.

Hey All, we’ve delivered a fix for this, please try build 104

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Still same problem, upgrade disabled offline mode, but when I activated offline mode again - still same problem.

Disable offline mode and click on a few albums seems to get tracks for all albums in place.

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I still experience that bug in B104.

Disclaimer: I’m using ARC in non-typical way, 99% of time without Roon connection on downloaded 87GB of music. Don’t have Roon port exposed; can connect via Tailscale if that’s needed (but usually isn’t).

My observation is that:

  1. Can listen to any downloaded album/track when I’m in home LAN (both when ARC is in online and offline mode)
  2. When ARC cannot connect to Roon for any reason (Flight mode, out of home wifi) regardless of its mode I can listen only only to the albums that I listened while at home LAN. Other are empty and don’t have album graphics.

A few builds ago (possibly before I joined early access) that worked fine.

I had this too, everything had disappeared until it had a connection for a short time then I was able to take it offline again.
Good job I had some offline tidal app tracks, or I would have been without music :fearful:

Situation has dramatically improved :slight_smile:
I can play all albums I tried. Just album graphics are still missing for albums that were not played in home LAN.

Massive improvement on B107 :heart_eyes:

This. 14 chars

There is a thread in the regular area that seems possibly related to this one, insofar as it has to do with the state of airplane mode and/or ARC offline mode. It starts with the album artwork turning low-res when offline, although good-quality pictures are embedded in the downloaded files. Then it is discovered that the state of airplane/offline also affects availability of downloaded files, though possibly not exactly in the same way as mentioned here:

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I still have the missing covers and low res artwork when offline in B129

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Problem still occuring with B150. When in offline mode no tracks are displayed for some downloaded albums. I need to disable offline mode and open each and every album! This is ridiculous. I can only recommend to stay with Plexamp for offline use.

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Same issue, ARC on build 150 is still not working in offline mode. Tracks are not listed for most of the albums

I wasn’t able to reproduce this. Can you please update your ARC to the latest—build 161? If these are recent problems, when did they start happening?

This buggy behavior is rock solid from B149 up to B161.

This behaviour started sometime ago after one of the updates. Unfortunately I cannot pin point the exact date. Each album meta data is missing, unless the app is put online, and each album is manual open to force a refresh. The application will not show any track for albums missing metadata. so no music while offline, which is really pointless. Background Refresh is enable in IOS therefore the app has the access to pull information, when online, but that does not happen for the albums in timely way. What is really painful is the fact that ARC needs this metadata again, considering that when an album is downloaded all info should be there, not sure why the info is lost or needs a refresh again.