Roon ARC "Online and Ready" but is so slow that it is unusuable

Roon Core Machine

Lenovo L440 Thinkpad Intel Core i7-4600M 2.4GHz 16GB Ram ssd 512 win10 pro

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UniFi USG-3P
UniFi AP
Brostrend Extender
(I could switch back to just wifi from AP, but the ethernet set up seems more stable. I was an early tester and have had ARC working in both scenarios. I do not have the ability to go straight ethernet to router/gateway.)

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

250k (I was reading about large libraries and the idea I need to throw more RAM, etc. at this problem. But I’ve had ARC working and well. Why is it not now?)

Description of Issue

Exact same as this person but I’m on an Android 12, LG V60: Roon ARC "Online and Ready" but unable to connect from iOS

One more screen appears for me after I force stopped the app, but I can do nothing after.

And now I’m seeing the three profiles we have, but again nothing happens when I click a profile.

In early testing I’ve had versions of ARC that worked well. I’ve hard reset everything but no luck.

Progress and i do not have a poor connection. Core and phone are both 80mbps+.

The item i want to use most is the radio shuffle. The way it works on ARC should be the way it works on the computer, or there should be an option. It would save resources instead of having days of music drop into the duffle. It’s nonsensical the way it is now for genes with large numbers of albums.

What went wrong??? I hope my posts here helps Roon improve ARC so i can actually use it again.

Quick update. I tried everything including resetting the app, uninstalling, re-installing and current situation looks worse than above. I have 85 mbps at least at both ends, but ARC is unusable.

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The first sync is the most difficult and time consuming.
Even with an 80k library I had some struggles with it during the betas and also when I have had to delete it when download corruption occured.

Are you using WiFi for the sync? Very strangely during the betas I was switching off WiFi and syncing using 4G data and it worked for me. I have not had to do it in ages, but I seem to remember other’s finding that useful as well. Got too be worth a try

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Thanks for replying. And I recall during the beta being requested to use the same wifi as the core! Trying your suggestion now, since after sitting on wifi for hours things are still not loading.

I finally chose to play a playlist and then this album. Things seem to now be loading. I.guess it’s just the long library load time? And i have been on WiFi.

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Good news, it is only the first time of loading that this happens, but it seems to take forever.
Yes wireless absolutely makes sense, but I had issues previously, hence my trying mobile data and having some success.

ARC doesn’t seem to be any faster on WiFi than it does on Mobile, and I think they were concerned about data costs doing the first sync on mobile data

I don’t have a poor convection. :frowning:

When it works, it’s amazing. When it doesn’t, and there is no clear reason, it sucks.

I know not particularly helpful but I also run Roon Core on Lenovo laptop (T470s, i7) with ARC on my LG V60 (Android 12). Only about 60k library but does run just fine.

It’s helpful to know. I do think the large library is the main issue but not sure upgrading equipment is the resolution or if that Roon needs to optimize the app and will.

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I also have 20GB RAM installed but it’s never close to being utilized. I migrated from an old X220 laptop which worked kinda but was painfully slow in loading the library.

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