Roon ARC screen-autorotation doesn't work

I have Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and use it in my car landscape mode. However screen-autorotation doesn’t work in Roon ARC as you can see in picture. Is there way to fix it?

Like the regular Roon remote on phones, I think ARC only works in portrait at this time

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ARC autorotate is really needed.

I use a Galaxy TabA , when I’m traveling. Landscape view is needed when paired with a couple of JBL Flip speakers.

It’s quite annoying attempting to always use roon ARC sideways. No doubt that there are thousands of users with the same problem. If roon code is modular, then it’s a simple code fix.

Roon development please bump this fix up in priority.

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Roon suggestions? I went to the page and I can’t figure out how to enter a design review request. How does anyone submit an auto rotation request?

There is already one for ARC landscape:

Go there and click the Vote button. (It says “Limit” for me in the below screenshot, because I used up all my votes:

If you ever want to open a new request, go to Feature Suggestions and click Open Draft, then fill out the template.

If someone uses Samsung Dex on Samsung tablets, Roon ARC is in landscape mode.

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